Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hell No!

Generally I try to be upbeat and postive and open minded, but there are a few things that I must say "hell no!" to and a few are below:

Pauly Shore movies
The return of anything from the 80's
Anything that tastes like black licorice
The idea that Batman would win in fight with Spiderman
Drugs (except that blessed albuterol inhaler)
Taking golf seriously
Particle board furniture

And my latest...

The Oklahoma City Sonics.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care about the team leaving, at all, but taking the name with them…hell no!

I realize this might be old news to the locals, but it's just getting to me now.


I'd have to add to your list my brother because there are things that even I will say Hell No to as well

The idea of owning less than 4 bicycles
Not watching/reading anything by Joss Whedon
Movies with Rob Schneider
Granting golf acknowledgment
not listening to my 80's playlist once a week
David Lee Roth better than Sammy?

Regarding the Oklahoma Sonics, I agree. Let the team leave but keep the name. The only thing I really want is for them to drag Wally Walker along with them to Oklahoma City and to let him run the team. Leaving Sam Presti behind to resurrect a new team in Seattle some day. Sigh.

Supersonics oh yeah!

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