Monday, March 17, 2008

The hardest thing(s) I've done

I have done some hard things, mostly cycling related, but still a list of things that makes the eyebrow rise and can strike fear in most individuals. Or more often make them shake their head in disbelief that I do stupid things.

  • I've ridden my bicycle across the US
  • I've had a kid fall from a shed and land on me while I was running underneath (4th grade broken foot... damn you Matt Schrempf!!)
  • I've climbed mountain passes on my bicycle
  • I've figured out how to renew my drivers license
  • I rode through South Dakota's Bad Lands when it was 114 degrees
  • I've won a cyclocross race.
  • I've innertubed in less clothing than Jack was born with
  • I've ridden my bike 172 miles in one-day by choice
  • I've seen things Torrey can at 7pm.
  • I've gone to grad school and received my MBA, while working full-time

The list above is full of hard things.

I tell you they are all easy compared to dropping your kid off at daycare the first day.

That was hard

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