Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hell No!

Generally I try to be upbeat and postive and open minded, but there are a few things that I must say "hell no!" to and a few are below:

Pauly Shore movies
The return of anything from the 80's
Anything that tastes like black licorice
The idea that Batman would win in fight with Spiderman
Drugs (except that blessed albuterol inhaler)
Taking golf seriously
Particle board furniture

And my latest...

The Oklahoma City Sonics.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care about the team leaving, at all, but taking the name with them…hell no!

I realize this might be old news to the locals, but it's just getting to me now.


I'd have to add to your list my brother because there are things that even I will say Hell No to as well

The idea of owning less than 4 bicycles
Not watching/reading anything by Joss Whedon
Movies with Rob Schneider
Granting golf acknowledgment
not listening to my 80's playlist once a week
David Lee Roth better than Sammy?

Regarding the Oklahoma Sonics, I agree. Let the team leave but keep the name. The only thing I really want is for them to drag Wally Walker along with them to Oklahoma City and to let him run the team. Leaving Sam Presti behind to resurrect a new team in Seattle some day. Sigh.

Supersonics oh yeah!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cracking the Code

Hey All,

I haven't even touched my morning tea and this article comes across my desk (pasted below, found here http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/online/news/articles/2008-03/Engineers-must--crack-the-code-- A cool site for all things fuel cells)

Engineers must "crack the code" and make fuel cell vehicles cheaper
The chairman of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) says engineers need to "crack the code" and make fuel cell vehicles less expensive to manufacture."We need engineers to keep figuring out ways to build a better particulate trap or crack the code that makes fuel-cell vehicles too expensive for the average consumer," CARB chairman Mary Nichols wrote in Forbes.She said the auto industry must be encouraged to continue its research and development into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in electric cars.Ms Nichols added that California was leading the way in low-carbon vehicle usage, with more hydrogen-powered car registered there than anywhere else in the world."As we inch closer and closer to the $4 mark for a gallon of gas, these options will look more and more attractive to the millions of California motorists," she commented.CARB works to promote environmentally-friendly energy sources in California, improve air quality and implement environmental legislation.


Do I feel the pressure? Hell yeah!

Interesting comment about the $4/gallon gas and the options. It's never about the environment but the almighty dollar that will make the car companies do something.

Sigh, I guess I'd better get to work. :)


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rice Cereal Yummers

And now for something completely different... Jack had his first "solid" food this week. He had some rice cereal mixed in with his milk. We had him in his high chair and he was just chilling out. He wasn't sure what was coming. All he knew is that it was a new chair and better view point to watch Mommy in the kitchen.

When we put down the plate of rice cereal and milk he was skeptical you can tell.

But really quickly he caught on. The "airplane" game began with sounds from Mom & Dad as the food was lowered down to him. Here he is preparing the hanger for food airplane arrival.

Once in the mouth he yummed it. We think the first time that he managed to a good 60/40 split between swallowing and getting it on his bib. He really seemed to enjoy it though. I guess that is not surprising. He is Panamanian and they do love their rice. So it's only natural he yum on all this.
We wondered what was going through his mind. "It taste like milk, but there is something different. I'm use to the Mommy delivery system and although Mommy is techniaclly delivering this "spoon" thing to me it's different. Still rice sure is yummy."

Here's what he saw that day....
And what a good boy he was! He cleaned his plate and simply said "what else you got?"

Monday, March 17, 2008

The hardest thing(s) I've done

I have done some hard things, mostly cycling related, but still a list of things that makes the eyebrow rise and can strike fear in most individuals. Or more often make them shake their head in disbelief that I do stupid things.

  • I've ridden my bicycle across the US
  • I've had a kid fall from a shed and land on me while I was running underneath (4th grade broken foot... damn you Matt Schrempf!!)
  • I've climbed mountain passes on my bicycle
  • I've figured out how to renew my drivers license
  • I rode through South Dakota's Bad Lands when it was 114 degrees
  • I've won a cyclocross race.
  • I've innertubed in less clothing than Jack was born with
  • I've ridden my bike 172 miles in one-day by choice
  • I've seen things Torrey can at 7pm.
  • I've gone to grad school and received my MBA, while working full-time

The list above is full of hard things.

I tell you they are all easy compared to dropping your kid off at daycare the first day.

That was hard

A new day for Jack

Well it's here. Jack's first day of Daycare. We talked about it for months and it always seemed so far away. Now, BAM! it's here. Our little boy is off to daycare. To say we are in the state that everyone expects (the slightly panicked, don't-know-what-is-going-to-happen, oh dear gawd some one else is taking care of my baby state) is an understatement. However, even in that state we are doing okay. We've done the homework we can, we have friends we've talked to (Jack has been on IM and email with his buddy Elaine who's been most helpful) and Jack is a super good kid. We're sure he'll do fine.

Odds on Jack doing well are pretty high in Vegas right now. Odds on his parents drinking by noon are equally high.

Jack has been preparing for this for some time. This morning he was on BABY ESPN (because going to daycare is like Spring Training for babies). He had this to say:

BESPN: Jack. Today's a big day. First day of daycare. What's your mood.
Jack: Same as any day to be honest. I've done a lot of preparation for this. I feel I'm ready.,
BESPN: Do you expect to have a big impact on the Center?
Jack: Some day I hope to, we all do right? But this first few weeks I just want to get on the floor with the other kids, try to learn from the veterans around me and contribute when it comes to playing blocks and sharing.
BESPN: Your parents were never in daycare per say, what does it mean to be the first in your family to reach this level of care giving.
Jack: Well we all wish we could stay at home with Mommy/Daddy, but in today's economy that is just really hard. So this does feel good. Mom & Dad are really proud of me.
BESPN: What are your first few daycare goals?
Jack: Like I said I'm ready and I hope I just help make my daycare center reach a higher level by contributing. Whether that is playing blocks, or book story time, or exercising on the mat together. In the end I just hope to make my parents proud.
BESPN: There you have it. Jack Sheppard Moran is off to Daycare. Expect a few BABY ESPN web gems from this one. Now back to our studios and continued coverage of BABY X Games with the diaper change bottom wipe competition.

Jack will make us proud. It is hard to think of him with some one else all day. He hasn't rolled over yet and we may now miss the first time. There will be first we'll miss. That will be hard. But is nice to know he'll be safe. The Daycare is near work and that will really help.

Lavi goes back to work this Thursday. That gives us 3 days to ease into it. As much as you can do that. This morning we all had breakfast together. Janet and Lavi's Mom are here and have been very encouraging, everyone has.

More to write later I guess. Wish him luck!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our Limerick Happy Mother was written the following for your St. Patty’s Day enjoyment.


There once was a baby named Jack,
Who was sharp as the head of a tack,
And cute as a bug,
Let me give him a hug,
And hope that he'll soon give one back!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to make Mark salivate

Just announce to him that a Goodness reunion show is scheduled….


Saturday August 9th

At Showbox at the Market - 1426 1st Avenue


Reunion show! Come home to us!

$12.00 ADV / $15.00 DOS - Doors at 8pm - 21+

Tickets on sale Friday March 14th at 10am.

Check out Jeff's new ride

I had a time trial bike built up and it is down right pretty. I have
never had a TT bike before. Should be fun.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Comic Book Art

Uncle Mark made Jack 3 Picture Frames recently. Mark and I wanted to frame a few of the comic books we had and put them on Jack's bedroom walls. The frames are very nice, very simple and Mark should be quite proud of how they turned, but already becoming a real wood worker he hates his creations and vows to do much better next time. Still, Jack and I are quite pleased.

So which comics made the cut on Project Comic Book? As you know there are many talented and inspiring comics in our collection, but in the end only 3 can make it... the rest will be out. I put on my best Hedi Klum and ignored Michael Kors and Nina's opinions as I ransacked my comic boxes. I wanted the choices to be older, have some value, mean something to Mark and me and ultimately have a fun cover to admire. In the end I only opened three boxes and found the ones I selected.

Uncle Mark loved GI Joe growing up. This is one of the best issues by far. It has everyone's favorite character being discovered (Snake-Eyes). Written and drawn by Larry Hama this issue has no words, which is fitting for a character that is mute. The whole story occurs without words and sets up some of the better story arcs for the series with introducing Storm Shadow and a link between the two characters.

I searched on-line to find a current day price for this comic and it seems to be going for around $75 . I'm sure Jack will love this.

I collected this series from #1 all the way to #125. I was quite proud of it. This series was the second Spider-Man series ever published. I felt I had a chance to collect it all rather than try to collect Amazing Spider-Man. I did collect Amazing at the same time, but seemed to have sold it or lost it because very few remain in our collection. I blame Uncle Mark's selling frenzy of 91. This issue was inked and story lined by Frank Miller, who is best known for the Dark Knight series and Sin City comics (and 300), but his work with Daredevil was great. I really liked the cover and the Daredevil guest appearance.
I searched on-line to find a current day price for this comic and it seems to be going for around $35-&70 . This is the most expensive item in the comic line for this series.

No surprise Spidey makes the wall twice in this household. This issue Mark just happened to find in his boxes at Mom & Dad's. It is the introduction of Venom. Venom is one of Spidey's bigger villains and a really neat story arch. Todd McFarlane inked this one (best known for his own Spider-man series and Spawn comics, along with founding Image Comics).
The cover is what did it for me here. I admit to being a black suit fan from the beginning. Ironically it is this issue where he goes back to the red & blue tights.
I searched on-line to find a current day price for this comic and it seems to be going for around $350. Looks like Mark was clever in keeping this in Mint condition.
These three were the best of the best. They look great in the frames. I can't wait to crack them open in about 10 years to read them with Jack. He has a lot of comics waiting for him.
Other comics that made the top, but were eventually "project runway'ed" auf were:
  • Secret Wars #8 - first black suit for Spidey, a close runner up in this same category was Amazing Spider-man #252
  • Ultimate Spider-man #1 - very cool cover
  • GI Joe#2 because it was the hardest Joe for us to find ever and pricey when we did. Known fact I guess is that often the #2-5 are the hardest to find because less are printed. #1s of anything sell. So if you are buying the first of a series collect through 5 or 10 issues.
  • Spawn: Fell off the list for being too creepy for a child's room and the McFarlane I like was the Spider-man series. I felt his Lizard Spider-man story could have easily been a movie script.
  • Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #1: It was the first of the series. The cover was pretty good, but #27 beat it.
Thanks Uncle Mark. Excelsior!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eating some meat

My new team at work likes to put away the BBQ. Today at lunch I was
initiated. All I can say is that Sam's does some fine BBQ