Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jack Update

New pics of Jack in the Zenfolio account (see link on the right hand side). There are several of Jack with his PEPS buddies, and plenty of cute poses with Mom & Dad. He has a few with his Abuelo and Grandpa too.

Jack is doing well. Everyday something new and exciting. He's just been a great baby. He's 5 months now. It seems a blur mostly. He's been sleeping through the night since 3.5 months (bless his little heart). Getting some sleep has been so nice. He's found his feet and has started making a lot of noise on his own, which is really cute. He's just a content little guy.

Lavi goes back to work March 20th. Jack starts Daycare on March 17th. That will be a new milestone for all of us. We are optimistic, but know that it will be really hard. Lavi's Mom is visiting again very soon, that will be fun. Lavi's friend Janet (Jack's godmother) is coming for a visit too.

I've been traveling a lot for work. Every other week to San Jose for a night (2 days). Once Lavi starts work that will be more interruptive. We'll see how it goes. The face time with my co-workers and Engineers is so valuable, but I'm remaining effective in my role from Seattlle I feel.

Okay, that is the quick update. Enjoy the photos.

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