Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eddie Would Go

When Lavinia and I visited Hawaii for the first time our friend Torrey told us the story of Eddie Aikau. Eddie was a native Hawaiian and was the first lifeguard at Waimea Bay on the island of Oahu. He saved many lives and quickly became well known for going into the waves to save lives when it was really dangerous. When no one else would go, Eddie would go was the phrase they used.

Eddie Aikau took part in a voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti. The boat that they were using (double hulled canoe that the Polynesians used) sprang a leak. Not knowing how far from land they were, Eddie struck out in hopes of securing rescue while the others stayed with the sinking canoe. They were eventually rescued, but Eddie Aikau was never found.

The phrase “Eddie Would Go” became part of popular culture. When no one else would help, when it seemed hopeless or challenging, “Eddie Would Go.”

I have liked this story and the use of the pop culture phrase. To me the phrase means that when your help is needed, or your friends are in need, you don’t hesitate. You help. “Eddie would go” is a reminder to me that some times you are the one that can help and you need to step up. It plays nicely to the “great power, great responsibility” Spider-man mantra that I try to live by as well (grin). I like to think that I would be as noble as Eddie.

I really enjoy helping people out. My Non-profit work and I believe friends and family would attest to that. Some times I admit that I do it to my detriment by spreading myself a little thin at times. Yet, if I can help I want to. If you are privy to what has been going on at work you might know what I’m driving at.

Eddie Would Go

Jeff Would Too

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