Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post Seattle Funk-y

Hey all,

Borther#2 here, yes, I'm alive and contributing to the blog. I've been going through my post Seattle funk. No, that does not involve listening to George Clinton records after a plane ride, but it is a general state of malaise and sadness that comes after being home for a visit and having to return to the East.

This past visit was great. I got to meet my nephew for the first time and he's pretty cool. Unlike Eliot he didn't try to explode on me, that'll get you better birthday presents kid! Crabfest was also awesome, beers with the gang at the Dragon, fried camembert cheese in Leavenworth, snow on Xmas, punching out old ladies with Mom at the hallmark store on the 26th, watching uncomfortable Ben Stiller comedies with Dad, an awesome show featuring Fonetiq (aka Neil), witnessing a couple of diaper changings of Jack, Cathy cookies galore, overabundance of Alaskan Amber, throwing a couple of Scrabble smackdowns on Mom, finishing a book (all right it was Harry Potter 7, but that counts) and sleeping for exorbitant amounts of time. Most important Siobhan also had a great time and still wants to be with me after seeing where I come from for two whole weeks!! Pretty stoked about that.

We returned to a couple of serious snow storms. Nothing like shoveling snow constantly. There's a standing two feet of snow on my lawn right now (still weird to say my lawn). Right now I'm back into the thick of work. We're bringing more cars into our fleet and I'm trying to keep up. Hopefully we'll be freezing our cars in Detroit soon, which means a trip.

Next home project is painting the kitchen ceiling. Anyone got advice?

More soon, I promised Jeff.


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Jeff Moran said...

since you are not fighting crime with your gift of height the least you can do is the kitchen ceiling.