Thursday, January 17, 2008

Polar Bear Bike Club

Have you heard about those crazy individuals that take a January 1st dip into a near by lake or ocean. They call themselves the Polar Bear Club often. I’ve found their antics a novelty and usually give them a good cheer while shaking my head in disbelief vowing to never do that myself.


This week in Seattle we had yet another dusting of snow. Now remember, a dusting of snow in Seattle equates to 1-2 feet in any other city outside of California. We just become idiots and forget how to drive.


So I’m riding home on Monday night around 5:30. I had heard it was cold and windy, but missed the part of rain and the possibility of snow. So as I crest the top of the hill near my house it starts snowing on me as I’m riding along. I was so cold it felt like I rode my bike through a winter lake. I’d like an honorary Polar Bear Club patch for 2008.

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Jeff Moran said...

See Post below and stop your whining! :)