Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack vs Jeff - A baby stat smack down

Mom dropped off my baby book a few months back. She did a good job of keeping notes and stats (Mary? Good at organization? Go on!). Anyway, I've been going through the book and there is some funny stuff in it.

There are notes from my examinations, check it out:
4 months - he is fine
6 months - fine again
1 year- Dr.; he's a chunk
2 years - Dr.; watch his weight
3 years - Dr.; he should not get any heavier for 2 years other than that he's fine.

It goes on like that "healthy kid, little over weight for average and below height average." I guess you all know that it continued on like that. Just for the record Jack's Dr. calls him chunk I'll teach him to spit up on him each time.

Here's a little comparison between Jack and his Daddy

Looks like Jack is out pacing me on the weight, and now we know where he gets it. Jack's buddy Calvin's Mommy Bridie foudn him a good onsie

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