Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brothers Moran 1 year old

Everyone join Mark and me in a little toast to the BrothersMoran blog. We posted our first blog post on 1/26/2007. It's been a fun year. I ran some stats that are interesting to mention.
  • We had 2,210 site visits (84% using IE, 10% using Firefox and 6% using Safari browsers)
  • We had 3,367 pageviews. No doubt they mostly came during September/October for family wondering about Jack's birth.
  • 472 users visited the site. Never realized our family was so large.
  • You all averaged 00:01:45 on the site on each visit. I'm sure Jeff's ramblings kept that higher than it should have been.

I think the coolest stat is that Mark and I have had a lot of fun posting. Hearing from our cousins in Salt Lake City that our ramblings have nearly caused coffee to spew from the nose onto the keyboard is just the motivation we need to keep going.

We are promising a lot of the same in 2008, along with some new things. For one, Marks says that while working on his Master's degree thesis he may post more often. Jeff will find the time even with Jack wanting his attention.

Thanks for reading


Jeff & Mark

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