Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 a look back

2007, what a year. It went by so quickly and yet so much happened. Mark and I started this here blog. I think he's actually posted a few times too, which is just spiffy neat-o of him to do.

The biggest thing of course is Jack. What a incredible year it has been. January getting pregnant, first trimester, second trimester, baby showers, third trimester and finally his arrival. I think back at all that I did to try and be ready, to be prepared and such. I think we did as fair a job as could be expected. Lavinia has been simply amazing all year long. She made it look easy even when it was really difficult for her. There has been a certain smile that comes across her face that reminds me of the pretty lady I met at the UW 15 years ago. It seemed we were pregnant all year and I guess for 3/4 of it we were (Lavinia technically, me not so much I recognize).

2007 will be remembered for the year that Mark made something like 4-5 visits. He down right spoiled us with traveling here so often. 2008 I am hoping he can make it 6 visits (hee hee).

Then on September 25, 2007 Jack was born. What a day that was. I still get all choked up thinking about it. I feel I could blog forever about it, but I guess I summing it up as amazing will do for now. Since then, it has been different every day. He grows so much each day. The lack of sleep is just the rite of passage I'm sensing. We have our good days of sleep and our bad, for now we are just so fortunate to have a healthy beautiful baby boy.

I guess a top ten list is in order for 2007 so here goes.

The top 10 things from 2007

10. The support of family, friends, strangers and others during this year as Lavinia and I worked at becoming parents. Seriously the support has just been so touching. Thank you.
9. A great trip to Panama at the beginning of the year with the Shankletons.
8. Helping the economy thrive by making so many purchases, car, bike, appliances, baby stuff, new lawn, etc.
7. Getting to see Mark so much this year.
6. Accepting a new position at work that will build upon my MBA. A bitter sweet moment for sure as I really like my current job, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to move on.
5. A good year for bicycle racing fans, despite some more doping stories.
4. Surviving RAMROD with Joan (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day, 146 miles 10,000 feet of climbing) and all the training that went along with it.
3. Resigning seat on the Bicycle Alliance of Washington's Board of Directors after 12 years. A bitter sweet moment for sure.
2. Pregnancy test is positive

and # 1 Jack Sheppard Moran

nuff said.

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