Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cute Evil Genius

Packing with Jack

Lavinia and I took a trip with Jack for our 12 year anniversary this past weekend. We went to the resort at Alderbrook near Union/Belfair, WA on the south end of Hood Canal. It is very pretty and the resort was very nice. We stayed in one of their cottages which made traveling with Jack a bit easier we felt. More on the trip later though.

Lavinia does not pack light on the best of days, but she manages to get things into one suit case. Now because we were driving we could afford to over pack. This being our first trip with Jack we didn't want to be without just in case, so a good learning step for us.

Here's how the Xterra was packed just with our stuff.
Here's the Xterra packed with Jack's stuff.

I'm going to have to come up with some packing rules soon. Like I said though, fun learning experience.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brothers Moran 1 year old

Everyone join Mark and me in a little toast to the BrothersMoran blog. We posted our first blog post on 1/26/2007. It's been a fun year. I ran some stats that are interesting to mention.
  • We had 2,210 site visits (84% using IE, 10% using Firefox and 6% using Safari browsers)
  • We had 3,367 pageviews. No doubt they mostly came during September/October for family wondering about Jack's birth.
  • 472 users visited the site. Never realized our family was so large.
  • You all averaged 00:01:45 on the site on each visit. I'm sure Jeff's ramblings kept that higher than it should have been.

I think the coolest stat is that Mark and I have had a lot of fun posting. Hearing from our cousins in Salt Lake City that our ramblings have nearly caused coffee to spew from the nose onto the keyboard is just the motivation we need to keep going.

We are promising a lot of the same in 2008, along with some new things. For one, Marks says that while working on his Master's degree thesis he may post more often. Jeff will find the time even with Jack wanting his attention.

Thanks for reading


Jeff & Mark

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter index for cycling

I think cyclist need their own cold weather index to show degrees of
cold. I propose the "Jeff Moran Lycra Index" be adopted. It is quite
simple. The colder it is the more pieces of Lycra a cyclist would have
to wear.

Today's ride was a 9 on the JM Lycra Index.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack vs Jeff - A baby stat smack down

Mom dropped off my baby book a few months back. She did a good job of keeping notes and stats (Mary? Good at organization? Go on!). Anyway, I've been going through the book and there is some funny stuff in it.

There are notes from my examinations, check it out:
4 months - he is fine
6 months - fine again
1 year- Dr.; he's a chunk
2 years - Dr.; watch his weight
3 years - Dr.; he should not get any heavier for 2 years other than that he's fine.

It goes on like that "healthy kid, little over weight for average and below height average." I guess you all know that it continued on like that. Just for the record Jack's Dr. calls him chunk I'll teach him to spit up on him each time.

Here's a little comparison between Jack and his Daddy

Looks like Jack is out pacing me on the weight, and now we know where he gets it. Jack's buddy Calvin's Mommy Bridie foudn him a good onsie

I hear Jack voices and other things....

So everyone knows about the movie Sixth Sense by now. If you don't well tough. But in the movie the kid's famous line "I see dead people" should be known. So that sets the stage for what I'm about to blog about.

At night when I'm drifting off to sleep or waking up from sleep I think I hear Jack, all the time. It's irrational I know. I start up to listen and I hear nothing. I put my head on the pillow and I hear his cry. His room is across the hall and if he was crying I'd hear him, trust me. But I do hear him. The cry that I hear though is the cry he gave when he was a newborn. He hasn't made that cry in 2 months.

I thought it was just me but Lavi confesses that her mind plays tricks on her too. Which made me feel at least sane. My Dad told me that he would sleep soundly until he heard my foot hit the floor when I would get out of bed, go to the bathroom, then once back in bed he'd fall back to sleep. I guess this might just be that. Still it's humorous to me that my mind can play tricks on me like that.

I suspect it won't let up any time soon. Now it's become funny I just smile as I drift back to sleep. The sleep deprivation has been replaced going forward with sleep interruption I guess.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Polar Bear Bike Club

Have you heard about those crazy individuals that take a January 1st dip into a near by lake or ocean. They call themselves the Polar Bear Club often. I’ve found their antics a novelty and usually give them a good cheer while shaking my head in disbelief vowing to never do that myself.


This week in Seattle we had yet another dusting of snow. Now remember, a dusting of snow in Seattle equates to 1-2 feet in any other city outside of California. We just become idiots and forget how to drive.


So I’m riding home on Monday night around 5:30. I had heard it was cold and windy, but missed the part of rain and the possibility of snow. So as I crest the top of the hill near my house it starts snowing on me as I’m riding along. I was so cold it felt like I rode my bike through a winter lake. I’d like an honorary Polar Bear Club patch for 2008.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


SNOW - The novelty has worn off. Here's a couple of pics of the foot of snow we had to shovel out from yesterday.

Still at work by 11 AM. My inner Seattlelite was screaming :)


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why no update Jeff?

You: Yo Jeffrey! You post less than Mark. What up with dat!
Me: Dude, I gotz this new job at Adobe itz makin me crazy busy and I gotz a lot to do. No time for posting.

You: But we need the blog post man. You can't leave us hanging!
Me: Yo, when I'm not working I'm hanging wit my boy Jack and we is just chillin with some Tummy time and Nursery rhymes at night man!

You: What are we to do then.
Me: Word! Bug Mark to give you the low down on his new house or how he still can't manage to shovel a driveway of snow. I'z gotz to get back to work.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post Seattle Funk-y

Hey all,

Borther#2 here, yes, I'm alive and contributing to the blog. I've been going through my post Seattle funk. No, that does not involve listening to George Clinton records after a plane ride, but it is a general state of malaise and sadness that comes after being home for a visit and having to return to the East.

This past visit was great. I got to meet my nephew for the first time and he's pretty cool. Unlike Eliot he didn't try to explode on me, that'll get you better birthday presents kid! Crabfest was also awesome, beers with the gang at the Dragon, fried camembert cheese in Leavenworth, snow on Xmas, punching out old ladies with Mom at the hallmark store on the 26th, watching uncomfortable Ben Stiller comedies with Dad, an awesome show featuring Fonetiq (aka Neil), witnessing a couple of diaper changings of Jack, Cathy cookies galore, overabundance of Alaskan Amber, throwing a couple of Scrabble smackdowns on Mom, finishing a book (all right it was Harry Potter 7, but that counts) and sleeping for exorbitant amounts of time. Most important Siobhan also had a great time and still wants to be with me after seeing where I come from for two whole weeks!! Pretty stoked about that.

We returned to a couple of serious snow storms. Nothing like shoveling snow constantly. There's a standing two feet of snow on my lawn right now (still weird to say my lawn). Right now I'm back into the thick of work. We're bringing more cars into our fleet and I'm trying to keep up. Hopefully we'll be freezing our cars in Detroit soon, which means a trip.

Next home project is painting the kitchen ceiling. Anyone got advice?

More soon, I promised Jeff.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 a look back

2007, what a year. It went by so quickly and yet so much happened. Mark and I started this here blog. I think he's actually posted a few times too, which is just spiffy neat-o of him to do.

The biggest thing of course is Jack. What a incredible year it has been. January getting pregnant, first trimester, second trimester, baby showers, third trimester and finally his arrival. I think back at all that I did to try and be ready, to be prepared and such. I think we did as fair a job as could be expected. Lavinia has been simply amazing all year long. She made it look easy even when it was really difficult for her. There has been a certain smile that comes across her face that reminds me of the pretty lady I met at the UW 15 years ago. It seemed we were pregnant all year and I guess for 3/4 of it we were (Lavinia technically, me not so much I recognize).

2007 will be remembered for the year that Mark made something like 4-5 visits. He down right spoiled us with traveling here so often. 2008 I am hoping he can make it 6 visits (hee hee).

Then on September 25, 2007 Jack was born. What a day that was. I still get all choked up thinking about it. I feel I could blog forever about it, but I guess I summing it up as amazing will do for now. Since then, it has been different every day. He grows so much each day. The lack of sleep is just the rite of passage I'm sensing. We have our good days of sleep and our bad, for now we are just so fortunate to have a healthy beautiful baby boy.

I guess a top ten list is in order for 2007 so here goes.

The top 10 things from 2007

10. The support of family, friends, strangers and others during this year as Lavinia and I worked at becoming parents. Seriously the support has just been so touching. Thank you.
9. A great trip to Panama at the beginning of the year with the Shankletons.
8. Helping the economy thrive by making so many purchases, car, bike, appliances, baby stuff, new lawn, etc.
7. Getting to see Mark so much this year.
6. Accepting a new position at work that will build upon my MBA. A bitter sweet moment for sure as I really like my current job, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to move on.
5. A good year for bicycle racing fans, despite some more doping stories.
4. Surviving RAMROD with Joan (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day, 146 miles 10,000 feet of climbing) and all the training that went along with it.
3. Resigning seat on the Bicycle Alliance of Washington's Board of Directors after 12 years. A bitter sweet moment for sure.
2. Pregnancy test is positive

and # 1 Jack Sheppard Moran

nuff said.