Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish Everyone a Happy Holiday! Lavi, Jack and I are off to Panama for 2.5 weeks. Hopefully Uncle Mark will post in my absence, but that is about as remote as sunshine in Seattle these days.


Seattle's Winter Weather

As you can see it has been snowing and snowing in Seattle. Today I went out and had a drink with an old friend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brothers 4 Life

Calvin's Mommy, Bridie, made this cool poster art as a present to Jack. I'm still giggling over it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jack Vid

We took two quick vids of Jack when he was eating tonight. One has him saying "Momma" quite well. He can also sigh for "more" and "please" and I think each captures that. 

Jack goes to the Nutcracker

As you can see, Jack was really enjoying the Nutcracker ballet today
with Mom & Dad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dude, no posts? WTF?


I apologize for the lack of posts with some real substance in them. It is simple in this day and age to say that "I'm busy" but that never truly informs some one of what is occurring, which when you think about it is reallythe driver behind our little blog here. Let me try to catch you all up in brief. While doing so I will make repeated jabs at my brother in an attempt to guilt him into posting as well. 

Where to start? Have I posted since Jack's birthday in September? (9/25) I think so. Let me just say that he was a champ at his party and the visit from his Aunt Janet and Uncle Bob from Michigan was just what Mom & Dad needed too. Lavi's Mom was in town for a month and the extra help was nice. 

What really started around that time was that Jack started walking at the beginning of September. By now he is cruising really well. No longer does he look like a drunk man stumbling out of the bar at 2am. He is motoring really fast too. His favorite thing to do is to wait for Mom to open her bedroom door so he can race down the hall to meet her and hopefully go play in the bathroom. Because toilets are fun right! 

We also switched Jack to a new daycare. I think I'll save a post for that because it has been so wonderful. His previous daycare was adequate and Jack was very well cared for. He's at NW Center for Child Development and we really like. Jack seems to be enjoying it a lot too. Again, a post on that later. 

October seemed to race by. I traveled to San Jose twice in September and twice in October for work. The time with the team was good and necessary, but hard to be away. Still, I'm lucky to have the options I do. Jack continued along really well. Walking and talking. He started to say a few words. Some very clear, others open to interpertation, much like many of Mark's jokes and one-liners. Jack can say "clock" and point at it. He says "Daa" softly for Dog. He likes to point at pictures of Tito and Jac. He's picking up sign language a little too. He can sign for when he wants more. I have a picture in the zenfolio collection here that you can see him doing this. You can say "Jack do you want more or are you done?" and he can tell you. It is not only cute, but very helpful. He also says "Gaaa?" when he points at something like a light and wants  you to acknowledge it. 

November has raced by faster than October, as if it was a race. Seattle weather turned very wet (surprise) but not too cold. The mountains are void of snow, which is strange and bummer for the ski nuts around here. Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of fun. Jack, Mom, myself and Uncle Ben went to Jack's Gram & Grandpa's house. It was a good time off. 

Work wise I've been busy. Not much I can talk about. My team does have a blog if you care to read that. We are busy working on new stuff. I'm still learning a lot in my new role which is fun. Lavi has been very busy launching Creative Suite 4 in her role at Adobe. So the Moran household has just been steady steady. 

A typical week right now is getting up around 6am. Jack wakes between 6:45-7:15 usually. Get Jack a bottle of milk, get all of us ready to head out. Drop Jack at daycare around 8am in time for breakfast (which he loves. You drop him off and he doesn't want you to leave. Not too fussy but a little. Bring out the food for breakfast and he all but shows you the door as if to say "I'll be fine Dada stop fussing... bye bye"). Then Lavi and I are off to work, put in a full day. Pick Jack up at 5pm (daycare is 2 minutes from Adobe, so nice). Home, get Jack some dinner hopefully at the same time as us. Play after dinner, change clothes, bath time, bedtime routine starts aroudn 7pm. He's done (hopefully) by 8pm. Mom & Dad have been in bed by 9pm. No later. Seriously. Rocking him to sleep does me in. I'm done for the day. So that is one reason for no post. 

Top Reasons Jeff has not posted much lately: 
- Competing with Brother Mark for the number of n0n-posts. He wins, surprise! Not. 
- After rocking Jack to sleep at 8pm, Dad climbs into bed at 8:30pm and wonders when he became such a sissy. 
- Because I'm just lucky enough that if I stay up late that Jack will wake up and add 2+ hours to that. 
- I'm still making up for months of non-sleep. 
- My creative brain is drained and empty

More to come I promise. I hope you are all doing well. Maybe some day Mark will post. You know he's bought a house, received a graduate degree, working on cool automotive technology for the future. You'd think he'd have something to say. 

The thing to leave you all with is that Lavinia and I are anxiously waiting our departure to Panama for the holidays. Getting 2.5 weeks of sun will be very nice. I have seen day light recently but no sun light and there is a difference. 

Posts to come
- daycare
- why is sucks being a sports fan in Seattle
- my comeback


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Q&A - Rainy Bike Ride

Question: Does it get any better than going for a bike ride in Seattle during the Fall/Winter/Spring and have it start raining only as you are finishing and pulling into the garage?

Answer: no it doesn't.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I had traveled to San Jose, CA this week, but managed to get a flight home in time for the tricker treaters. The Danson familyl stopped by to say hello and get the massive helping hand of candy that comes from Aunt Lavinia.

Jack was dressed up as a skeleton and quite cute as you can all expect. I'll post a few pictures soon.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack at U Village

Jack' Mommy and Daddy had breakfast over at the U Village today. Jack
then walked around and met the bronze turtle and cow.

Here he is telling them a joke.
"there was a priest, a rabbi and a baby. And the baby says..."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You gotta love this guy

I'll be rooting for Jamie Moyer when (if) he takes the mound for the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series Game 3. For those of you who don't know Moyer he is 45 years old and throws that ball with a velocity that might touch 86mph at times, but rarely. He's wise, cagey and what I like best, humble. He was with the Mariners for many years and I loved watching him play.
Watching Moyer was/is what is beautiful about baseball. He's patient on the mound, he's in control, never backs down and does all the little things he can to help the team. After many years with the Mariners he knew that spending his last years on a rebuilding team was not the best choice. He left for Philly and has helped them a lot it appears. He finally gets his chance to play in the World Series. I hope he goes out there and buries the Rays in 75mph fastballs!

Read this article from ESPN to learn more.

There are a lot of things wrong with pro sports. I agree with ESPN that every pro athlete should sit down with Moyer for 10 minutes to learn what it means to be humble and great.

Go Moyer.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Geico commercial

The following GEICO commercials have me laughing every time I watch them. I'm bugging the crap out of Lavi every time I impersonate this kid too. But he sells it. Love it.

Can I root for Portland? Really?

Well sports fans of the NW you may not know it but the NBA season is about to start. We wouldn't know because several individuals managed to back a truck up to Key Arena and cart away our Supersonics.

Now I'll weigh in on not caring that Seattle doesn't have a basketball team. I only rooted for the Sonics twice, once in 79 and once in 96. Sure there were some times around those years and brief stint in the 80's when I was scared that Dale Ellis' wife would beat me up if I didn't root for them, but for the majority of time... I never tuned in too much. I guess after watching Michael in his prime really can ruin you.

But let's just say I have the urge to root for a team. What is a Seattle fan to do? Do we pick a random team across the nation? I know individuals in non-sports towns have to do that. We can turn our attention to the UW just in time to have a California team destroy our hopes.

I vote for the Portland Trailblazers. I vote for them for one reason. A reason that if you live in the NW and have ever watched the Sonics I don't need to explain.

Mac 10

Nuff said.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack

Jack turned 1 yesterday. What a year it has been. Here's a quick photo of Jack and his cake. His Abuela and Grandparents were on hand, along with Tio Ben, to celebrate. More postings to follow after this busy time passes. Promise.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jack dances with the Greeks

Jack did some Greek table dancing at this weekend's fair. His father
ate his weight in gyro meat.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

La Push

We made it out to La Push this past weekend. Jack brought along his Abuela and his Grandparents for a really fun time. Friday and Sunday were blue skies, but Saturday saw a bank of fog park itself about 10 feet off shore all day. Still it was really fun.

I posted a ton of pictures in the zenfolio account for you to check out.

Here's a nice couple of ones for ya:

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Man is back

Lance Armstrong is coming out of retirement to race at the age of 37.

All I can say is... Dude!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't mess with my friend Trevor

My friend Trevor competed in his first MMA Competition recently. Here's a video you can watch of it

He's obviously been kicked in the head way to many times for this to be fun. I'll take 15 hours on a bike saddle over this any day.


Here's what he sent us:

'Cause why go to all that trouble (& pain) without sharing it with those you love?

My extensive tkd background (barely relevant, as you'll see) and my nominal boxing & kickboxing experience (2 & 3 fights, respectively)
'overqualified' me to start with a novice level match-up. This is an A-class mma fight.

My own assessment: decent, albeit conservative, grappling with a catastrophic error on my part at the end (camera fails to catch it, unfortunately, but basically I shot the double leg takedown and put my head right into a guillotine choke that felt like it would've broken my neck, had I not tapped out), plus some pretty craptacular boxing (brief). Tricky thing to knit all the striking and grappling in together effectively. Can't wait for future opportunities to improve. See what you all think.


For those who are wondering, here's a list of techniques we were not allowed to use:
Elbow strikes
Knee strikes ok to body only and only with both competitors standing
Head butting, biting, eye gouging, fishhooking, direct gasping of the throat (the obvious stuff)
'Small joint' locks= fingers and toes (found out just before fighting that wrist locks ok--wish I'd been training them)
Striking to top or back of head, or to spine
Striking to knees or groin

Get more out of the Web. Learn 10 hidden secrets of Windows Live. Learn Now <!550F681DAD532637!5295.entry?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_WL_getmore_092008>

------ End of Forwarded Message

Monday, September 1, 2008

The best cup of Joe

Our friend Issac turned me on to Stumptown Coffee recently. We were talking about coffee one night at our "Dad's Night Out" gathering. He told me that the gang at Stumptown coffee treated coffee beans like Wine Makers treated grapes. They could tell you the nuances of all the beans based on the soil they were grown in, location of the world, the manner in which they were picked and/or roasted, the daily mood of the bean pickers, etc. Needless to say I was skeptical, because no one enjoys a pretentious cup of coffee. Maybe it makes wine better, but coffee?

I'll be the first to admit that I like good coffee and turn my nose to anything that you buy from the supermarket in a can. Diner coffee is even worse and I'm helping pass legislation that will even ban that poor excuse in prisons. Coffee on airplanes has gotten better, at least in my neck of the woods, but only on flights beginning before 6am.

So I was skeptical. Still, I bought a pound of the coffee recently. What really lured me in were two things. First that they have Direct Trade coffee, not just fair trade. They deal directly with the farmer. That sold me for starters. Second was that they roast the beans very recently. The pound I bought had been roasted the day before.

I brought home a pound of the Nicaragua Las Golondrinas and made a cup of coffee.... I was in heaven. That was seriously the best cup of coffee I ever made in my house. I was hooked. It was so good. You could really taste it the excellence. I recognize that I'm blogging like a crack addict here, but really it was great.

Since then I've sampled a few others. I'm very happy to report that Stumptown has not just one but 3 coffees from Panama. I've tried two and they are both very good.

Starbucks vs. Stumptown? Where do I stand?
I like Starbucks. They do a lot of things right. Recently they too started roasting beans and putting them out for sale quickly, rather than letting beans sit too long after roasting. This gives the coffee a fresher taste. The Pike Place offering is really good. I also like the service at Starbucks. They get to know you and it is welcoming.

I hear that Stumptown employees hate Starbucks, much like a Nader supporter hates a liberal Democrat for not doing enough. My friend Issac engineered the Clover coffee machine. His company had sold a bunch to Stumptown. They valued the quality engineering of the machine. Soon Starbucks bought his company and I understand that Stumptown (after demanding that they buy the machines back) have sold them all in a show of defiance to Starbucks.

Let me just say that brew my Stumptown coffee in a Starbucks machine and use a Starbucks french press. I hope I am never in a dark alley way with either of them and that I can enjoy my addiction without suffering their feud.

The bummer news for all you friends and family outside of the Pacific NW is that they are local to Portland and have only recently moved to Seattle. You can order directly from them. If you say you like coffee, then I encourage you to do so.

Yours in a truly happy if not jittery coffee state,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wave the Olympic Flag for Panama

Irving Saladino won gold in the Olympic Long Jump today for Panama! He is the first Olympic medalist for Panama in 60 years. He's from the Atlantic side of the country, Colon city. The country is no doubt going nuts. I'm sure he's making a bigger splash than even Mariano Rivera has in the past pitching with the Yankees.Read it here

Crack open a Cerveza Panama and remove your hat in respect when they hoist the flag and play the Panamanian National Anthem.

A good weekend

This past week Mark and Siobhan were in town. It was nice to see them, but their trip was short and Mark and I just didn't get the time to really hang out. He was in town to see the Goodness show, which he will hopefully post about.

Friday Lavinia and I took the day off. We dropped Jack at daycare and then romantically had the carpets cleaned. We is crazy for sure. We did get out for lunch together, then picked up Jack a little early. (BTW D.A. Burns is the best carpet cleaner don't ever use anyone else)

Saturday we all went to breakfast in the morning. Jack turned heads and was a good boy. We then went and submitted the paperwork for Jack's passport. (we are headed to Panama in December). Then we wandered around the Ballard neighborhood while Jack took a snooze in the BOB stroller. We went to Archie McPhee's and ended up at the Locks for a quick feed and change for Jack. We even ran into Jack's PEPS buddy Marin at the Locks, which was a nice treat.
We stopped and got burgers at Scooters and took another picnic at Ballard Park. The pictures posted below are from that. Jack loved the water works, as were many other kids. Overall it was a gorgeous sunny day and we all had a lot of fun. We were out most of the day. Lavinia always packs a big bag for Jack and having all that stuff allowed us to be out and not need anything. It was great.

Sunday we got up and took a stroll to Wild Mountain for breakfast out. Again Jack was a good boy and turned heads. On the stroll back he took a good snooze and we ended up walking a lot, which was a lot of fun. We watched a little Olympic coverage while Jack had lunch. At 2pm we headed to Jean & Scott's house for their baby shower. First, they have rebuilt their house over the past few years and what a great job they have done. All the neat little touches and just thought into layout is great. The shower was super and the parents-to-be looked great. Baby Isla is very lucky. I'll have photos posted soon. Jack continued his string of good performances and was great. He took a good nap on his Mommy to boot.

Evenings we had dinner together and watched some Olympic coverage. Jack played with toys and kept us entertained with giggles.

Great weekend and we have another day off again this Friday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cousin Blogs

My cousin Katie is very cool having just moved to Austin. She's bloggin too. So if you need a fix of a Nebraska girl, living in Texas, dreaming of UN Huskers and Corn Fields give her blog a read.

Katie's Blog

While some blog for love, others for fun, my cousin Patrick blogs for well.. work. Patrick owns his own All-State agency in Salt Lake City. He is also the family member that uses the most Adobe Software bar none. My mother is a close second being the Power-PDF-Forms Queen that she is, but Patrick wins. He even used Photoshop Album 2.0 in his day to day work. Hats off Cous.

Check out his Insurance themed blog here

Maybe the brothers moran should get some more guest writers. Then again if we did that Mark wouldn't be the number 2 blogger here now would he. (oh no he didn't!)

Last note: update photos in the Zenfolio account, check'em out because Jack just seems to get cuter every day.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Best TV Shows cancelled

Check out this link of the top 10 shows that never had a chance. My beloved Firefly is #1 and it leaves me not feeling very shinny.

I would add a few other shows to this list.

- A good show that only lasted one year on Fox in 1996. Heroes Adrian Pasdar starred as a down right evil main character bent on destroying everyone around him for dark purposes. The best part was that as a viewer of the show you were rooting for him. Brilliant.

Dresden Files - Magnum P.I. meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love a show with an inner monologue.

Notable mentions that actually lasted more than one season:
Arrested Development
Sports Night

My last rant on shows that have disappeared is aimed at VS. for pulling their daily coverage of the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a Espana the past few years. Cycling junkies like me need more than the Tour de France darn it!

back to my Tivo, which is full of Olympic Event recording and the new season of Eureka.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Acrobat 9 GIS Feature

Hey Family
Here's what I've been working on recently. Acrobat 9 was just released publicly so I can chat about this now. There is a new feature in Acrobat 9 around Geospatial functionality.

Here's a post to my team's blog "Shredding the Document"

Enjoy and please buy many copies of Acrobat (grin)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top 10 Tim

here are the top 10 stories I know I should write about regarding Tim

10. Okey Dokey Man vs. Sharkman
9. filling up a Toyota Celica with $0.82 more than one time.
8. running a half-marathon in 300 yards of driveway at Hope Lodge
7. 4 wine coolers, 15 minutes, and 2 eyes with burst capillaries.
6. 5,000 Blockbuster game pieces on a Thursday night
5. Sing Lionel
4. fishing in a lake with no fish, a row boat and a lawn chair
3. first Pacchoville residents, summer of 92 and September of 92 especially
2. 2 quart oil pan, 4 quarts of oil, the Celica does the math.
1. Who's whistling and other ways Tim could annoy you.

Been giggling all day over those

Font humor

maybe only Adobe font-geeks can laugh at this, but darn funny.

Font Humor

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


July 22nd.

I find that I hate this day of the year and yet I don't at the same time. My friend Tim Pacchiano passed away July 22, 2003 from cancer. I hate cancer. I've worn this Livestrong band on my wrist since 2004 (snapped the first one I had) in memory of Tim. Some friends got a tat, I have my livestrong band. That's more me.

July 22, 2003. I was in Minnesota that day. I was riding my bike across the Mighty Mississippi that day. I was riding from Seattle to Washington D.C. on the Big Ride. I had talked to Tim that night before. I knew his time was near. He told me not to leave the ride. He told me that before I left. We were both more sure he'd be okay when I left. He took a bad turn about 3 weeks into my ride. He told me then to keep riding. That he was excited for me and that he liked the post cards and the stories. I missed him. Cried to myself at night after talking to him. I missed Lavi. She said it was hard for her too, but to stay on the ride. Tim wanted that. We were all trying to be so optomistic. But the cancer had him. Silently we knew it.

He had been sick a lot in life and just beat it. He was like the Cal Ripken of sickness. He just kept going. Lance's recovery never surprised me because I knew Tim and knew that people could just will their bodies to be better. But this time was different.

I rode that morning with one ear in my pocket listening for the phone call I knew was coming. 8 miles into the ride that morning. I had blown by everyone and was riding with Ryan. Bart was ahead and everyone else was behind. I got the call from Lavi.

"Jeff, Timmy's gone."

God I cried. I howled. I yelled. I beat my handlebars. I screamed NO! I collapsed and sobbed for what seemed like days. Sobbed my heart out on the highway in Minnesota. My heart broke and I never felt such pain before.

Everyone caught up to me. Pats on the back. "I'm so sorry Jeff." They all knew what was going on. They started riding. Ryan stayed with me, bless him. I finally sat up. I wanted to ride again. I was going home I decided. I had stayed away too long. I needed to be there to bury and mourn my friend.

I've never ridden more in a daze and with so little effort in my life. We took off and we passed everyone again as if they were on tricycles. Ryan finally said just go because he couldn't hold the pass. I passed Bart and he just saluted me as I went by. I rode over the mississippi and don't care if I never see it again. I rode into Omish country in Wisconsin. I dove up and down hills all day. Some how I knew to slow down at the bottom of a big hill when I was going 45mph, sure enough a big hole would have crashed me had I not.

I rode by an Ommish farm and saw a little girl. She stopped, turned to me, considered me and then softly waved as to say "it's okay. He loves you still." I cried for 5 miles. I couldn't help it. That little girl just pushed me over the edge.

When I got to the town we were staying in I was hoping to find a Catholic church. As soon as I was looking there one was. I sat, said my prayers, cried some more. How funny I must have looked to anyone. Covered in dust, dressed in lycra, carrying a helmet, eating sugar gel and streaked with sunblock... crying my heart out.

I regret being in Minnesota that day. I regret not being home. But I wouldn't change it. He wanted me to be riding and I was. I think we were probably riding together that day.

and still I hate July 22nd.

Oh so many memories with Tim. I could, and maybe some day will, write a book. For now I'll end this post with a recap of one such story. Only Jason and I will probably laugh, the rest of you won't really get it, but even that was the beauty of Tim.

U-Haul Truck
Jason just reminded me of one not too long ago that I had forgotten. The three of us were headed to Hope Lodge for the weekend. Hope Lodge is at the top of Stevens Pass and is about a solid 1.5 drive from Seattle... in a good car with light traffic. We were headed up on a holiday weekend and we were taking a U-haul Moving truck (18-footer I think) to his Parent's place on Camano Island first to pick up a couple cords of free wood. The three of us picked up the rental in the afternoon and just knew the day was not going to go well.

For starters they only truck they had was more than we needed. Tim rented it so he had to drive it out. No problem, Tim's a truck guy. Only problem was Tim is 5 foot tall on a good day and he can't reach the pedals. He's essentially driving standing up. So we are heading up to his Parent's house, about an hour away, on I-5 in rush hour traffic. I've switched over to driving to save Tim. All three of us are riding up front in the cab with an AM radio. The truck drives like as well as steering a buffalo in a stampede. I'm frustrated when we get to his parents. I think I remember Jason drove us in because I lacked the finesse. It's now getting dark. We still need to load the wood and drive up to top of Stevens Pass. Oh and we found out on the way that the truck only goes about 40mph.

It's dark and we are loading wood into the truck with a small flashlight. I mean this is classic Tim, Jason and Jeff. Morons! All of us. Never think ahead. Working even more slowly because we are laughing at our situation so much. We leave the Island and head up the pass. Tim is now driving again because, although he can barely reach the pedals we are worried about liability and he actually can steer the thing better than Jason or myself.

Of course some where along the way some one ate cheese between Jason and Tim, and lets just say Jeff suffered from lack of air in that tiny cab. It's dark, it's late, we are only able to drive 4o mph and we are headed up hill. We took that pass at 15mph and managed to blow 2-3 fan belts on the way up. We coasted in to the lodge at 1am, having left Seattle early that afternoon.

Even when things were screwed up just having Tim by my side made things okay. I miss not having him by my side. I really do. I have his memory and I'm luckier than most for the richness of my memories, but I miss him a lot. I want to share Jack with him. I want to share in Audrey's life. I want to share with him my recent graduation and job promotions and to grow old together. To grow old together laughing and living life.

I miss my best friend.

If you do anything after reading this, call your best friend. Tell him/her that you love and appreciate them just for being themselves.

That's what I'm going to do tonight.

I love you Tim.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Olympics here he comes

At an early age Jack shows his Olympic material in the 10 pound baby
deadlift division.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Our life will never be the same. Jack is now crawling.

has it come to this

Dear Mark

I'm giving you an soft pitch here as I tell you about an article I just read.

Losing weight when you are over 40.
Although I'm still a few years from that it did catch my attention and make some sense. File it away for when you need it.


Monday, June 30, 2008

La Push (June 2008)

Dear Mark

This past weekend was pretty fun. Lavinia, Jack and I went to La Push, WA for the weekend. Jack's godparents Jason & Char joined us. The weather really worked out too. After freezing our collective butts here in Seattle this summer we were treated to 75+ degrees and sunny weather.

Do you remember La Push very well? You were probably only 10 the last time you were there. I was there last year in July with a very pregnant Lavinia. Although the water is still freezing and cold, she admitted that it was one of the best beaches in Washington that she's been to. That seems like a compliment to me.
We left Friday morning and came home Sunday. We managed to schedule our drive over (5 hours) so that Jack was napping for part of it. He was a super good kid. We stopped in Sequim (pronounced Squim) for groceries and then in Port Angeles for some lunch. The drive along Lake Crescent was very pretty. When I think of the color blue the water of that lake is what I'm thinking about.
Friday we walked along the beach, but the wind was blowing pretty good in the afternoon and it made it a bit hard to enjoy the beach when you were getting sandblasted. We had dinner together and then like a good couple Lavinia and I put Jack to bed at 8:30 and then quickly followed suit. We are such the partiers I tell ya.

Saturday was fun. We rose and got breakfast (yummy pancakes from Lavi) and then took a stroll with Jack. We snapped some fun pictures. Be sure to check the Zenfolio account.

Then after his afternoon nap we loaded up the REI backpack and headed to the second beach. The second beach is about a 1/2 mile trek down and then over a lot of driftwood to the beach. It is really long and the tide pools show neat things. We pitched a sun shade tent for Jack and we all pretty muched explored a bit and enthralled ourselves with watching him. Check out some of the pics below.

A picture of the whole gang on second beach.

I did manage to burn the tops of my feet. I'll never learn. Jack stayed shaded and was okay though. Saturday night we hung and played with Jack back at the cabin. The sunset was pretty after he went to sleep.

Jack was pretty fussy that night. He is teething (4 so far and the 5th is breaking through). He also managed to pick up a cold. So the poor guy did not sleep well, and neither did his parents that night.
Sunday we are up, and with some help from Jason & Char packed and out of there by 9:30. We returned to Seattle to find it hotter than the beach. Oy vey!

Spending time there sure did take me back to when we were there as kids. I think Lavi found it cute to hear my reminisce about it. I remember jumping from drift log to drift log trying not to touch the sand was a fun past time. After stepping in the water this weekend I have no clue how we use to play in that water for hours on end. To say it was cold is like saying the ocean was damp. Just doesn't sum it up.

Hope all is well for you. Please post a blog soon so that the family knows what's new. Maybe some updated house pictures?


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joss update

Joss Whedon is one of my hero's. I love his writing. I'm a huge Serenity, Firefly, Angel and Buffy Fan. I'll be watching his new TV series Dollhouse this fall and I'll of course be crushed when FOX pulls the plug because they always do.

Here's a link to a little thing I found today. Looks like an Internet webisode series is coming soon. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

146 miles...

So many of you may recall that Jeff rode the RAMROD in July last year. Yes, this time last year Jeff & his friend Joan were getting ready to conquer Mt. Rainier via bicycle. That ride was 146 miles and change.

Since then Jeff has not been riding much. Getting ready for Jack, then the birth, the fourth trimester, new job, doing two jobs, Jack, Jack, Jack, etc, etc... you see where this is going...

I rode home today on my Cyclocross bike today. As I strained and wheezed air out of my out-of-shape lungs and my quads chattered at me like a disgruntled old man getting miffed at a youngster for not showing respect it dawned on me that I don't think I've ridden 146 miles since that day.

That's a downright frightening thought. I must fix it.

More Photos Posted

Check out the new June 2008 gallery in the Zenfolio account link on the right. Or just click here

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jeff's Interview

There is a coupon book sold in the area called "Chinook Book." This coupon book in their owns words is "a coupon book, a directory, a source of ideas and inspiration. It’s your guide to living well and having fun in the Seattle metro region. Save hundreds of dollars while exploring the community and supporting local, sustainable businesses."

You can read my full interview here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Seattle Stats

Here is a good link for some Seattle facts.... okay a lot of facts... okay a boat load... heck a full 787 load... There are so many stats you could fill the Kingdome.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Uncle Mark, I like soup

Here's one that quite possibly only Uncle Mark will really find funny. I'm sure my Mother will just wonder why here Grandson is as silly has his father.

Uncle Mark, "I like soup!"

Music Man

I'm sure his Grandmother will be very proud of his early musical interests.

Pizza & Pipes

There are some things from your childhood that you just miss for silly reasons after they are gone. Even if they were to return you probably would not enjoy them as much as your memories would fool you to believe.

Lavinia and I have been taking Jack out for stroller walks the past few weekends, putting about 2-3 miles with him. Usually walking for an errand, grabbing lunch or having time at the park with Jack, then the walk home. We live in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. I went to elementary school nearby actually and spent a lot of time in this area.

One fond memory of Greenwood is the restaurant Pizza & Pipes.

Oh how I miss this fun filled Pizza house. The whole premise of the place was to eat pizza and be entertained by the Wurlwitzer Organ that originally was in Seattle's Paramount Theater. You would enter the place at the front, walk down some steps into what amounted to be a dining hall. There were no windows that I recall so the place was dark. You would walk down a long queueing line to order your pizza, then take seats at big dining hall tables and benches. I remember the pizza being okay, nothing terrible, but then again I was young. Awww youth. Now a cheese pizza almost puts me in the infirmary, but that is another post, and mostly about Jason & Tim anyway.

The Pipes though. That was the reason you came. Oh the Organ Master would start those Pipes a going and any kid in the house went mad. We'd all start walking up and watching. He would play classics that we didn't recognize at first, but as soon as he launched into the Star Wars music and others that we would recognize us kids were running around and dancing and trying to chase colored lights on the floor from the disco ball.

The thought of scarfing 3-4 pieces of pizza and then jumping around in a fashion like that would physically hurt me today.

I remember going here after soccer & basketball games as a kid. A perfect place for a lot of kids to have a good time. The Organ was removed in 1989 and I admit that I hardly noticed as it had been a long time since I was there.

I was recounting all this when we were walking one day. Lavinia just kind of smiled at me as I talked. I think at first she thought I was pulling her leg, but as I continued she just got that cute smile she gets. I will miss the chance to take Jack there. I'm sure he'll find his own memory filled place and I look forward to that though.

Bongo boy needs a band

Wanted: bandmates to compliment my drumming style and need to rock! No
smokers please

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The other day in my local Starbucks a lady walks in with a dog... now that sounds like a start of some joke, but seeing this dog did not make me laugh. This dog was the spitting image of Alex. For those unfamiliar with Alex, he was a wonderful doggie that Tim and I acquired while living together at his house. At the time only Tim & I were living at his house, those were good times. Our summer roommates had moved out, we were eating top rammen to make the mortgage payment together (how very domestic of us), we had jobs (mine was higher paying but his hours were better), and we shared a second job delivering 275 papers a night.

Basically we were sleeping 2 hours, delivering papers, sleeping 2 hours and going to work. At least I was. I'm not sure when Tim slept. Oh wait, he did that on the job at Drug Emporium according to Jason. That's right.

One Sunday we were enjoying a swiped Sunday edition paper and Tim says "let's get a dog." Now I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep or being happy that he was my only roommate or that we had talked about this forever or if we were just stupid (Vegas money is on Stupid btw) but we decided to go get a dog.

Answering an ad in the paper we went to see a litter of lab puppies. All these puppies were running and jumping and friendly. I fell in love right away with one, but Tim noticed this one puppy in the corner just chilliln. He was hairier than the others (the others looking like "regular" black labs, think Porter). When he saw Tim he wandered over and Tim picked him up. Seeing them together was all I needed. We paid our $40 to cover the med expenses and headed home with our new puppy.

Now you all may recall that Lavinia and I had Tito and Jac for 10 years. I loved those two puppies with all my heart and miss them desperately every day, especially now that we have Jack in our lives because I know those two would have loved him. So you must now know what it means to me when I say that Tito and Jac were riding to school on the short bus compared to Alex.

Alex was the smartest dog I've ever met. He had us trained in days. He was weened on Dick's Cheeseburgers and crappy college food. He was simply just a great dog. Although Tim was on title at the house it was really Alex's house. He had over 15 roommates by my count and ruled them all.

Alex passed away 2 years ago and his passing was really sad. It filled my heart with joy of rememberance when I saw this dog at Starbucks last week.

Alex lives on in my heart. I miss him.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Some Seattle Updates

Familly, Friends, Fans(?)

Some quick updates from Seattle. Much has been going on here and rather than craft a lot of posts let me just dump some updates on ya.

1. New Pics of Jack have been posted on the Zenfolio account for April 2008. Check'em out. They are very cute and just proof of how awesome he is.

2. Work, work, work: I tell you that Lavinia and I have both just been busy at work. Without Jack I know we'd be working like fools late into the night, but that just doesn't work any more (we are almost glad about that). Can't really talk much about what we are working on but it's just busy. Good busy, but busy.

3. Daycare Colds. If you are on my IM list you have seen my title change a lot from "Daddy Gotz Kuld" to "Daycare Kuldz is Lame" to "Have Kuld, Drink Nyquil" and more. I got a really good one from Jack that made me feel like warmed over horse pucky and I think Lavinia has it now too. Good news is (knock on wood) that Jack seems to be past it and has been okay for a while. Still, what can you do.

4. Mother's Day, will post soon with pictures. A fun day for sure.

5. Aunt Mary's quilt arrived, and may I saw "wow" it is gorgeous! Aunt Mary we promise to send a note and some pictures soon!

okay, off to get ready for work. Hope you all are well

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just a quick note, Jeff...

Just a quick note, Jeff is back from San Jose. Traveled for work again, was a lot of fun. I think though that Mark has better destination for his work. I have just been going to San Jose, California. Mark goes to Southern California. He goes to Belgium, he goes to Korea. So, I think Mark is winning. listen

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grab the Hudz

This bike equipment company makes some cool products and follows up with that effort by giving back. I just picked up two pairs of Hudz and see that a portion of their sales from each product gives to a specific charity.


Very cool.


humor inspired by:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanging with friends

Lavinia, Jack and I had a busy weekend. Friday Don was in town and Rod, Lisa, Jason & Char came over to the house. It was a nice way to spend a Friday evening. I have to admit that we missed some of the other fellows but Jack was having a good time with this group here.
Saturday we visited our friend Samantha at her place and met her partner Anita. Jack quickly charmed them within seconds.

April in Seattle????

What the heck? It's snowing in Seattle in April. We had Hail, Rain, and Snow this afternoon as we strollered Jack through Ballard (mmm... cup cake royale!). This is just weird weather for us. It should be raining with some sun breaks. I'm worried about my non-native Seattle friends and wife. A few more weeks of gray days could put us on some loony/suicide watches soon.

From the picture you can make out the snow, but you can't really tell just how much Lavinia truly hates the cold. Trust me, she does, passionately. I'm so lucky I talked her into staying in Seattle.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sonicless in Seattle

Well the Sonics potentially played their last home game the other night. I’m not a huge NBA fan these days. I like basketball and if the NBA fixes some things I’ll watch again. But still all that aside I want my Seattle Supersonics to stay. I realize there are other fans. I don’t think the City should foot the bill for it, but they should stay.


I see that Howard Schultz is back now at Starbucks and is now also suing Clay Bennett to keep the Sonics in Seattle. Here’s hoping he wins, brings Starbucks back to a world power and then publically apologizes for letting both things happen in the first place.


I guess when I think back the Sonics have had some historic arch-nemesis over the years


Washington Bullets – who we beat for our first and only World Championship in 1979

Los Angeles Lakers – who Tom Chambers, Dale Ellis, Nate McMillian and others battled in the 80’s.

Phoenix Suns – I still remember Shawn Kemp & Gary Payton taking it to Sir Charles in the 90’s

Portland Trailblazers – our rivals on I-5


I would have to now add 2 more people:

Wally Walker – Oh how the player from our 79 team came into Sonics management and repeatedly made bad decision after bad decision. I would have doubled the offer to hire Isaiah Thomas actually Wally was so bad.

Clay Bennett – probably a nice guy trying to do right for Oklahoma City. Just go find another team Dude.



Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jack in a high-chair

It is a beautiful day in the NW. We went for a stroll and some lunch.
Jack is sitting up in his high-chair. Next stop for us the comic store.

Bike Tech in strollers

Lavinia and I have purchased the BOB Revolution stroller with the swivel front wheel and shock absorber. We love the stroller and wish we had it earlier. It handles the bumpy streets around our neighborhood so much better.

The bike tech of the shock absorber makes me feel like I'm riding a mountain bike. I was searching on-line and I found a Carbon Fiber stroller for only $750 on sale! Ridiculous, but I'm sure Jason will consider it.
I can just see Jack strolling by now, eating a power gel of mother's milk, no hands on the steer bar, clad in lycra and wearing the yellow baby jersey

Friday, April 11, 2008

Week of IM names

I had a Van Halen theme going for my instant messenger names this week.


Monday: 5150 Time – first song in the shuffle

Tuesday/Wednesday: OUDefer12 – VH Days

Thursday: House of Defer – it’s like the VH House of Pain

Friday: Running with the Acrobat - devil, Acrobat, potatoe, potato


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jack & Mommy

Couple of cute pics of Jack hanging out with his Mommy. The first one they were just chatting with each other. The second one I think I may have interrupted his meal (grin)