Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter Update

Well Seattle is experiencing the usual wet holiday season. Nothing says "Santa is coming to town" like a good wet natural disaster. The NW got hit hard as you may have heard. A lot of roads were washed out and major flooding occurred. The damage is quite high. Nothing of the sort happened at my house, thankfully.

Lavinia and I are still adjusting to being parents and loving every minute of it actually. Jack is a great kid. He sleeps well, not at the times we would wish, but you can't have it all (where would you put it?).

I'm off work next week, can't wait. This past week has been LONG and tiresome as I finish up my current role and work. I start my new job (Product Management) on 1/7/08. I'm nervous but eager to get started. I like my current role a lot though, and I have a great team I work with. I'm glad that my new role will still keep me interacting with them. I'm fortunate for sure.

What else, what else... really it's just been work, home and Jack for me lately.

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