Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Storm 2007 Survivors!

Well the Winter weather has hit Seattle and we are all running around like fools before the end of the world. Saturday we got some snow and it was just lovely. Lavinia, Jack and I were out purchasing a xmas tree of all things and it started coming down. Jack was comfortably asleep in his stroller. Later that night we took some pics of the winter wonderland.

Sunday and Monday things have heated up. It's a down right balmy 43 degrees today. That has brought the rain. Oh how us Seattlites love thee, yet we seem to forget how to drive in thee. Traffic is a mess today. I worked from home and I'm quite fortunate as my 15 minute commute by car would have been 30 mintues (I know that is small but that is 2x as long darn it). If I had ridden my bike it would have been a wet and soggy one for sure. There is flooding all around the city and out lying areas so the wet weather is really causing somem problems. Seems to always happen if it rains right after a snow fall. The double wet whammy washes out our roads.
Bad news is that Golden Gardens Drive fell victim, but the potential good news is that as they fix that road (and they really have to) they might improve it to be more pedestrian friendly. One can hope in this wet winter wonderland.
Basically if you were ever to see this man outside your house during a storm you know you are done for. "Danger" Jim Forman from King 5 News in Seattle only covers the nasty storms. He'll wade into a flooding river to demonstrate how high the river shall rise. He's nuts. I hope to never see him.

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Jeff Moran said...

Danger Jim? I thought it was Action Jim? I still remember him reporting from on top of the space needle during Winter Storm 2002. "It's really windy up here Jean." "No sh*t, thanks Jim."