Thursday, December 20, 2007

NPR Commercials

If you listen to National Public Radio (NPR) you are no doubt use to the commercials they play. Get the announcers voice in your head and you can hear him say...

"NPR is brought to you by the Technology Management MBA. Teaching tomorrow's leaders today. TM-MBA"

There is a quick brought to you followed by a quick tag line. All very proper and NPR-ish.

Would it not be hoot if some less than reputable businesses advertised on NPR? Get the announcer's voice in your head and read...

"NPR is brought to you by Fantasy Unlimited, we have the movies you don't tell your friends you rent. Fantasy Unlimited"

"All things considered brought to you by Hooters. Family fun that every Dad knows is true. Hooters."

"NPR brought to you by Butch's Gun Shop. A three day wait away from personal safety. Butch's Gun Shop."

I'm just thinking that they must screen those commercials at some level.

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