Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday Get Togethers

The Holidays are more fun with family and friends. Lavinia and I enjoyed several events over these past few days to see others. Jack was a big hit with everyone. I snapped a few pics and they can be found in our Zenfolio account too.

But of course, one must get ready to meet such fine company. Jack agrees with Ernie that "bath time is so much fun."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

NPR Commercials

If you listen to National Public Radio (NPR) you are no doubt use to the commercials they play. Get the announcers voice in your head and you can hear him say...

"NPR is brought to you by the Technology Management MBA. Teaching tomorrow's leaders today. TM-MBA"

There is a quick brought to you followed by a quick tag line. All very proper and NPR-ish.

Would it not be hoot if some less than reputable businesses advertised on NPR? Get the announcer's voice in your head and read...

"NPR is brought to you by Fantasy Unlimited, we have the movies you don't tell your friends you rent. Fantasy Unlimited"

"All things considered brought to you by Hooters. Family fun that every Dad knows is true. Hooters."

"NPR brought to you by Butch's Gun Shop. A three day wait away from personal safety. Butch's Gun Shop."

I'm just thinking that they must screen those commercials at some level.

Winter Update

Well Seattle is experiencing the usual wet holiday season. Nothing says "Santa is coming to town" like a good wet natural disaster. The NW got hit hard as you may have heard. A lot of roads were washed out and major flooding occurred. The damage is quite high. Nothing of the sort happened at my house, thankfully.

Lavinia and I are still adjusting to being parents and loving every minute of it actually. Jack is a great kid. He sleeps well, not at the times we would wish, but you can't have it all (where would you put it?).

I'm off work next week, can't wait. This past week has been LONG and tiresome as I finish up my current role and work. I start my new job (Product Management) on 1/7/08. I'm nervous but eager to get started. I like my current role a lot though, and I have a great team I work with. I'm glad that my new role will still keep me interacting with them. I'm fortunate for sure.

What else, what else... really it's just been work, home and Jack for me lately.

Redbeard Relative

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Uncle Mark meet Jack

What a great weekend. Mark is in town with Siobhan and they got to meet Jack Saturday. Mark was a bit nervous, not having much experience with newborn babies. Mark and I didn't have any little cousins around in Seattle growing up. I think I set him at ease, but he was still nervouse. You can tell though that Siobhan's family has had some kids. She was quick with an encouraging word for Uncle Mark.
I even got Uncle Mark to come "help" me change a diaper 2x. Although he mostly just helped me make jokes and talk in funny voices to Jack. Still it was great to have my brother home. I'm looking forward to seeing him all week. I know Jack is too.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mark is in the house, say Hey!

My brother has journeyed to Seattle this holiday season. I can't wait to see him. He made more trips this year than previous years, thanks to all of his buddies getting married, but it seems like it has been forever since I saw him. I guess a lot has happened since then with Jack being born. I can't wait for Sheppito to meet his Uncle Mark. It will be great.

Top things I'll do when I see Mark
5. Two words "bear hug"
4. Catch him up on Spider-man comics
3. Teach him how to hold Jack without worrying that he'll break him.
2. Gang up on Mom to thwart her at Scrabble.
1. Wait patiently for Jack to fart while Mark is holding him, then let the reaction happen and the laughter begin.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This past weekend we got together with a classmate from Grad school.
She just had a baby too. These two were already planning on school

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Babies on parade

Lavi and I have been going to a Parent Support group. It's a ton of fun and the group has been great. This past weekend we took a little group Xmas picture.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Storm 2007 Survivors!

Well the Winter weather has hit Seattle and we are all running around like fools before the end of the world. Saturday we got some snow and it was just lovely. Lavinia, Jack and I were out purchasing a xmas tree of all things and it started coming down. Jack was comfortably asleep in his stroller. Later that night we took some pics of the winter wonderland.

Sunday and Monday things have heated up. It's a down right balmy 43 degrees today. That has brought the rain. Oh how us Seattlites love thee, yet we seem to forget how to drive in thee. Traffic is a mess today. I worked from home and I'm quite fortunate as my 15 minute commute by car would have been 30 mintues (I know that is small but that is 2x as long darn it). If I had ridden my bike it would have been a wet and soggy one for sure. There is flooding all around the city and out lying areas so the wet weather is really causing somem problems. Seems to always happen if it rains right after a snow fall. The double wet whammy washes out our roads.
Bad news is that Golden Gardens Drive fell victim, but the potential good news is that as they fix that road (and they really have to) they might improve it to be more pedestrian friendly. One can hope in this wet winter wonderland.
Basically if you were ever to see this man outside your house during a storm you know you are done for. "Danger" Jim Forman from King 5 News in Seattle only covers the nasty storms. He'll wade into a flooding river to demonstrate how high the river shall rise. He's nuts. I hope to never see him.