Monday, November 26, 2007

So much interest in Fuel Cell cars

Hey All,

Was perusing and saw this interesting article below. Apparently the interest in the new Honda Fuel Cell car, FCX Clarity, generated so much interest that it crashed their website I know that they're showing adds for it during prime time too. This is very exciting. Unfortunately they are only leasing them in California and there is very limited production. They claim that infrastructure is the main reason, however I'm sure that things like freeze and localized tech support are the other main factors. This is a good first step, but there are many more miles to go (if that's a pun, it's completely unintentional). Regardless, this is the kind of stuff that gets me juiced to sit at my computer all day :)

Mark "my next car will run on hydrogen" Moran

FCX Clarity demand crashes website
Such is the interest in Honda's FCX Clarity following its appearance at the LA Auto Show last week that the site dedicated to the car crashed due to sheer weight of numbers, it has been reported.The fuel cell vehicle was shown off to great acclaim, and in the five days after its debut so many people tried to log on to register their interest in the car in the hope of securing one of the 100 being made available from next summer that the website couldn't cope.FCX Clarity vehicles will only be available to customers in California due to the availability of a hydrogen infrastructure to support their usage.There are currently at least five hydrogen filling stations in Los Angeles alone, and there is a desire to have 16 in operation by 2010, according to the Daily Telegraph."We're Californians, we love our cars," commented governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the reason behind the demand for hydrogen cars in the state."I haven't seen this much technology since my Terminator days," the former actor joked at the opening of the Los Angeles Auto Show

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