Saturday, November 3, 2007

Panama Independence Day

Just a quick note to say Happy Panamanian Indepedence day. November 3rd is Panama's Independence from Columbia. Not to be mistaken by the November 28th Independence day from Spain. In fact, November gives us quite a few days and fly the flag of Panama. After the 3rd is the Flag Day on the 4th and then on the 5th is the Colon Day. Obviously Panamanians know how to plan a 3-day weekend. And if you didn't understand that November is all about Panama and Independence there is November 10th Anniversary of the First Call for Independence. I mean they really want you to know that they are Independent and proud of it.

The month of November you will see the flag waving from our house and I can't wait to have Lavi teach Jack all about Panama. "You mean it's more than a song by that band that Daddy makes me listen to in the car all the time?"

In Panama the day(s) are celebrated with friends and family, usually having a festive meal together. Parades happen in every town and fireworks are garuanteed (Pananamians don't need a reason for fireworks). The meals are usually arroz con pollo, ensalada de fiesta and other fun treats.
A spontaneous Panamanian Independence Day Parade occurred on our street. Those Panamanians know how to Parade I tell ya!

I've was in Panama for the 100th Anniversary. The celebrations went on for days and I didn't realize a country could have so many parades. It was wonderful.

So call up your closes Panamanian friends and wish them a happy independence.

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