Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jack is popular

A BBC Article shows Jack is the #1 boys name in the UK the past 11 years.

Lavinia and I know it is a very popular name every where. It was one reason to shy away at first, but we just loved the name.

On TV Jack is every where
24 – Jack Bauer
Lost – Jack Sheppard
Stargate SG-1 – Jack O’Neil
Without a Trace – Jack Malone
Alias – Jack Bristow
Eureka – Jack Carter
Will & Grace – “Just Jack

Of course Jack’s good buddy Jackson Sevigny also shares the name.

And finally I will tell you that our dogs were named Tito & Jac. We gave them the names in 1996. At the time Jack was not on the radar so I’m sticking with the fact that we were trend setters. Jac actually passed away the week Jack was born the previous year. I’ll admit that this coincidence helped me finally decide on the name.

Although there are so many Jack’s, our son is already developing his own character and making his name his own. Besides, he’ll be called Sheppito forever too.

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