Friday, November 30, 2007

If I were Horatio Cane

I do so love the over-acting that is David Caruso on CSI Miami. His character is truly over the top and the show is ridiculous in too many ways to count, although I will try.

I have long been making Lavinia suffer my Horatio Cane imitation. I find it a perfect way to announce what is for dinner or to leav the room when Jack needs a diaper change. I just recently saw that Jim Carrey stole my Horatio Cane imitation!

There are some super vids that show the true acting reach for you enjoyment alue="

I'm a Quality Engineering Manager and I can just think of some of the Horatio Cane type lines that I wish I could use at work. Picture me in an all black suit just about to put on my sunglasses as I say the following to be followed by my own title sequence:

"That bug, like me, has a bite"

"The BRB determined the bug was not important QE Manager Jeff"
"Well now it's important to me"

"This feature appears to be in bad shape QE Manager Jeff"
"And that is when QE goes to work"

"I want you to let me worry about this bug... can you do that? Okay"

Now if only I could get my own theme song.

Top 6 things I would like to see happen in CSI Miami this season
6. That Gil Grishman challenges Horatio Cane to a lab work challenge, to be followed by CSI Mack Taylor out arm wrestling them both at the same time.
5. That Kaylee Ducan will quit and go back to her real life job as a republican lawyer working as White House council on the West Wing
4. That once in a while for all the beach scenes they use to fill space with might actually contribute to the plot.
3. That Alex, the coroner, who wears a white linen suit to the scene of a bloody murder would actually get dirty.
2. Jerry Orbach rises from the dead to slap the CSI Miami writers for such poor opening sequence one liners. Jerry is the king!
1. Just once some other than Horatio makes a funny before the title sequence

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