Tuesday, October 9, 2007

While sitting around

most of our day is spent with Jack these days, no surprise. When he is not sleeping (lucky little dude) he's eating. Lavinia and I set up his room quite well and it is comfortable to sit in and nurse. I generally help Lavinia get comfy (adding the pillows and such). After about 3 nights in the room together at various intervals, along with being tired, we ran out of conversation. We did manage to say how unbelievably cute Jack was about 100 different ways, but at this point we wanted to distract ourselves.

Rather than move the feeding downstairs to the family room to start navigating our Tivo, which is rather full with the new TV season, I ran out and bought a TV/DVD LCD for his room. We've been watching DVDs when we need to. Mostly West Wing Season 6. I never had a TV in my room growing up. Mark pitched a fit until he got one finally in high school. My son has one before he turned 2 weeks. That's how the times are changing.

When I'm in the room with him myself and Lavinia is sleeping (the rooms are across the hall from each other) I tend to just watch items on my iPod. Since Jack was born I've burned through the latest season of Dr. Who, The Shield, finished off Eureka (great new show on Sci-Fi if you haven't seen it I liken it to Stargate meets Quantum Leap), dabbled a bit with Flash Gordon (not that impressed) and have started on my Justice League Unlimited DVDs.

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