Monday, October 22, 2007

I talk about Poo

Well it didn't take long and I can't say I wasn't warned by all my friends with kids. Every conversation I have will undoubtedly end up in talking about Jack's poo. Let's just address the elephant in the corner. "Hi Jack's poo! How ya doing?"

I really tried to be civilized and not talk about it. We promised to be proper parents and not be caught up in the noises and stuff, but in the end I think I regressed to Bob McKenzie every time I heard Jack fart. But darn it all to hades, we do talk about. "When did he last do it?" "How was it?" etc. And the funny part is that it fazes us not. I guess we are on our way to parenthood.

I've already had him pee on us multiple times, and with nice distance too. He's also done the explosive poo when the diaper is off, always fun and startling. I think men some times worry about all the diaper changing they will have to do as if that could be the worst part. It is far from the worst part. I think men actually try to excel at the diaper change because we can't breastfeed too. The Engineering aspect of it all is probably what gets us.

The only benefit of talking about Jack's poo is that I no longer find myself discussing Torrey's escapades at 7pm any more. Padrina Charlene will be so happy.

And speaking on the subject, I just had a new toilet installed in the house. A spiffy water saving dual flush (I'll let you work out what each flush is for). A Toto Aquia. Soon as 2 more arrive I'll install them in the other bathrooms.

Okay, that's all I'm going to say on poo until Jack starts eating solids. You can expect a long posting at that time.



Joey&Erin said...

of course, their spec sheet is in PDF.

Jeff Moran said...

I like to support those that support me for sure.