Monday, October 29, 2007

I rode my bike...

all last week to work. It's true. First time on the bike in about 5 weeks. It was a weird weather week in Seattle. Two days it was above 70 degrees and then it plunged to below 4o degress. That made for some cold mornings. I think I rode 3 of my 4 bikes. I haven't put away the Davidson for the winter yet, although any day now. I have my Kona Kapu set up with a light and and fenders and if I need to carry more I can bust out the TiCicyles Steilacom with my panniers. I apologize to my Steilacom every season that I'm not racing Cyclocross. He hates me but puts up with it.

It was great to stretch the legs and ride a bit. A nice way relax on the way home. I find myself racing home though so I can see Lavinia and Jack as soon as I can. Which makes me realize I'm not in terrible shape right now, but not great shape.

On your left,

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