Thursday, October 11, 2007

Northampton MA - What a town!

Hey All,

Just a twist here from all of the baby news, no worries he is still wicked cute and will soon be doing long division of non prime numbers.

Just thought I'd toss up this interesting tidbit that Siobhan found. Of the top 10 Great Streets in America, Main Street in my town of Northampton made the list. Now you know that the American Planning Association is a bunch of wild ones focused on pedestrian flow and architecture so you know that this is a great accomplishment :) I'm also happy to see Pike Place on the Top 10 great neighborhoods (but is it really its own hood?, ponder on that for a while). I'm also going to say that also naming Temple St. in Salt Lake City in the top 10 in no way lowers the honor, although you would think it would.

To see more about Northampton just click here. It really is a cool town. We've got the 5 universities nearby and a really swanky and hip atmosphere. It's kind of like having Fremont over near Pullman (of course the kids are cooler than those WSU losers). It's nice to be able to walk down to "one of America's great streets" and hangout. Does it pale compared to Seattle, of course, but what doesn't, right? If you gotta be away, it’s a cool second or third place.

If you look at the map on the website above and move ~1.25 miles South and find Grove St. you'll also find my new house. Yup. I made the plunge. Am I freaked? You betcha? It's a great place though that is new and has all of the amenities we were looking for, plus it's not a bad walk to that cool main st. I have a great feeling about the place and I'm looking forward to owning. It's a newer place (built in '97) which was important. A lot of the houses in New England are really old. Some list as built in ~1900, which just means they don't know the exact date. I like to know that the walls were built with newer materials and not with bark and tree sap by some guy in a powdered wig. Newer means a little less character, but I'm cool with that. I'm going to miss having a carefree renter's lifestyle, but I think it's all worth it. There's actually a second (and third) bedroom at this place so everyone (and their kids) are encouraged to stop out here for a visit.

More to come. I'm trying two different types of Top Ramen at lunch to see which one I will buy in bulk in order to feed myself for the next 30 years.

Mark "homeowner" Moran

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