Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

I rode my bike...

all last week to work. It's true. First time on the bike in about 5 weeks. It was a weird weather week in Seattle. Two days it was above 70 degrees and then it plunged to below 4o degress. That made for some cold mornings. I think I rode 3 of my 4 bikes. I haven't put away the Davidson for the winter yet, although any day now. I have my Kona Kapu set up with a light and and fenders and if I need to carry more I can bust out the TiCicyles Steilacom with my panniers. I apologize to my Steilacom every season that I'm not racing Cyclocross. He hates me but puts up with it.

It was great to stretch the legs and ride a bit. A nice way relax on the way home. I find myself racing home though so I can see Lavinia and Jack as soon as I can. Which makes me realize I'm not in terrible shape right now, but not great shape.

On your left,

Monday, October 22, 2007

I read comic books, don't judge me

So I thought I'd post a little on my favorite comic books. Having Jack I see my responsibility as a father to expose him to the pleasure of comic books. I'll of course steer him towards all Marvel titles (Excelsior!), but be sure to show him the DC classics.

One series I'm enjoying right now is the "season 8" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Written by series creator Joss Wheedon this series picks up supposedly right after the seventh season on TV ends. It is pretty good and I'm enjoying it. All of our favorite characters are there and so is the witty banter that made the show so great, along with the sub-plot story lines. Sure they are battling demons but it is really about being a teenager/young-adult and fitting. This is published by Dark Horse Comics, they also publish Hellboy which is a treat.

Another cool plot is by Marvel and deals with your friendlyl neighborhood wall crawler. His Aunt May has taken a bullet meant for him and Peter is desparate to make things right. This story hits a lot of good points, a lot more than I recall reading in the issues when I was a kid. I recommend picking it up. The sheer desperation is griping to read.

I'm also a sucker for all the Ultimate titles from Marvel. Basically a series line that allowed them to reboot many of their famous titles. It is a little like what we're seeing with Bionic Woman and Battlestar Galatica on TV. I've enjoyed most of the art and the new take heroes and villians that we've known for years is kind of neat.

Okay, I'm off to read Batgirl, which my buddy Joey dropped off for me. My boy Jack is sleeping and I think it's time to settle in for the night with a good comic book.



Spider-man annimated series alert

Run and tell all your wall-crawling friends, or at least let my brother know so he can get cable at his new home. I'll be Tivo'ing these for Jack and myself.

I talk about Poo

Well it didn't take long and I can't say I wasn't warned by all my friends with kids. Every conversation I have will undoubtedly end up in talking about Jack's poo. Let's just address the elephant in the corner. "Hi Jack's poo! How ya doing?"

I really tried to be civilized and not talk about it. We promised to be proper parents and not be caught up in the noises and stuff, but in the end I think I regressed to Bob McKenzie every time I heard Jack fart. But darn it all to hades, we do talk about. "When did he last do it?" "How was it?" etc. And the funny part is that it fazes us not. I guess we are on our way to parenthood.

I've already had him pee on us multiple times, and with nice distance too. He's also done the explosive poo when the diaper is off, always fun and startling. I think men some times worry about all the diaper changing they will have to do as if that could be the worst part. It is far from the worst part. I think men actually try to excel at the diaper change because we can't breastfeed too. The Engineering aspect of it all is probably what gets us.

The only benefit of talking about Jack's poo is that I no longer find myself discussing Torrey's escapades at 7pm any more. Padrina Charlene will be so happy.

And speaking on the subject, I just had a new toilet installed in the house. A spiffy water saving dual flush (I'll let you work out what each flush is for). A Toto Aquia. Soon as 2 more arrive I'll install them in the other bathrooms.

Okay, that's all I'm going to say on poo until Jack starts eating solids. You can expect a long posting at that time.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Darn Paparazzi

humor inspired by -

When 4 = 8

It is funny to me how lately 4 hours of sleep can feel the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep pre-Jack. I just woke up from 4 hours and I feel I could lift a truck over my head while doing wind sprints. I guess everything is relative.

Latest update: Things are groovy here and Jack is doing super. He's gaining weight and we're managing to get some sleep. He changes every day and is just a super cutey.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jack is blue

Jack has already declared his party affiliation.

I posted some new pictures for you all to browse through.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Northampton MA - What a town!

Hey All,

Just a twist here from all of the baby news, no worries he is still wicked cute and will soon be doing long division of non prime numbers.

Just thought I'd toss up this interesting tidbit that Siobhan found. Of the top 10 Great Streets in America, Main Street in my town of Northampton made the list. Now you know that the American Planning Association is a bunch of wild ones focused on pedestrian flow and architecture so you know that this is a great accomplishment :) I'm also happy to see Pike Place on the Top 10 great neighborhoods (but is it really its own hood?, ponder on that for a while). I'm also going to say that also naming Temple St. in Salt Lake City in the top 10 in no way lowers the honor, although you would think it would.

To see more about Northampton just click here. It really is a cool town. We've got the 5 universities nearby and a really swanky and hip atmosphere. It's kind of like having Fremont over near Pullman (of course the kids are cooler than those WSU losers). It's nice to be able to walk down to "one of America's great streets" and hangout. Does it pale compared to Seattle, of course, but what doesn't, right? If you gotta be away, it’s a cool second or third place.

If you look at the map on the website above and move ~1.25 miles South and find Grove St. you'll also find my new house. Yup. I made the plunge. Am I freaked? You betcha? It's a great place though that is new and has all of the amenities we were looking for, plus it's not a bad walk to that cool main st. I have a great feeling about the place and I'm looking forward to owning. It's a newer place (built in '97) which was important. A lot of the houses in New England are really old. Some list as built in ~1900, which just means they don't know the exact date. I like to know that the walls were built with newer materials and not with bark and tree sap by some guy in a powdered wig. Newer means a little less character, but I'm cool with that. I'm going to miss having a carefree renter's lifestyle, but I think it's all worth it. There's actually a second (and third) bedroom at this place so everyone (and their kids) are encouraged to stop out here for a visit.

More to come. I'm trying two different types of Top Ramen at lunch to see which one I will buy in bulk in order to feed myself for the next 30 years.

Mark "homeowner" Moran

All Night Long...

Well it is 5:38am in the morning and I've been up all night with Jack. He's mostly been sleeping, but I wanted to sit up so that Lavinia could sleep as long as possible in between feedings tonight. The lack of sleep for both of us is a challenge. Seeing how she can only sleep between the feedings I wanted her to have as much as possible.

I've kept busy though. Caught up on some web surfing (mostly bike racing stuff), watched the latest Dr. Who and Smallville episodes and worked through 3 discs of Justice League Unlimited. I do wonder if Jack will follow in his Dad's footsteps and be a Marvel guy or if he'll like DC comics more.

Jack has been nice enough to let his Mommy get a couple 3 hour stints in. Hopefully a few more to come yet.

He sure is cute when he sleeps. He makes these neat noises as he tosses around too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jack just went to the...

Jack just went to the doctor's office. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 15 and 1/2 ounces. He's doing great and we'll talk to you soon.
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Jack Says

While sitting around

most of our day is spent with Jack these days, no surprise. When he is not sleeping (lucky little dude) he's eating. Lavinia and I set up his room quite well and it is comfortable to sit in and nurse. I generally help Lavinia get comfy (adding the pillows and such). After about 3 nights in the room together at various intervals, along with being tired, we ran out of conversation. We did manage to say how unbelievably cute Jack was about 100 different ways, but at this point we wanted to distract ourselves.

Rather than move the feeding downstairs to the family room to start navigating our Tivo, which is rather full with the new TV season, I ran out and bought a TV/DVD LCD for his room. We've been watching DVDs when we need to. Mostly West Wing Season 6. I never had a TV in my room growing up. Mark pitched a fit until he got one finally in high school. My son has one before he turned 2 weeks. That's how the times are changing.

When I'm in the room with him myself and Lavinia is sleeping (the rooms are across the hall from each other) I tend to just watch items on my iPod. Since Jack was born I've burned through the latest season of Dr. Who, The Shield, finished off Eureka (great new show on Sci-Fi if you haven't seen it I liken it to Stargate meets Quantum Leap), dabbled a bit with Flash Gordon (not that impressed) and have started on my Justice League Unlimited DVDs.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sleep, according to Jack

0.45, 2, 3.5, 2, 4.5, 6, 6, 6.5…
Those are the hours of sleep that I’ve gotten each night since Jack was born. Do not make the mistake that these are consecutive hours by any means. They are at best 2 hours in length, especially for Lavinia. I’ve been able to sneak away for 3 hours in a row a few times. I remember when a “Nap” was a luxury item and not something I used to describe 2 hours of essential sleep, but that’s the way of life now. Mark posted how much he likes sleep. I can think of almost nothing better at this point. Vacations will no longer be about going to the beach of seeing a beautiful city in Europe but more about finding a way to have Grandparents feed and watch Jack while Mom & Dad sleep in. Ahhhhh good times for sure.

We’ve had a few moments that we can attribute to the lack of sleep. One night about 4am we both woke up when Jack started fussing, letting us know that Mom should kindly open the buffet line for him, when we both started speaking to each other. Now what was interesting was that neither one of us used any coherent language. Lavinia was speaking to me from dream she was having and addressing me as her Mother and I was just down right babbling in some garbled language. The funny thing was that we each answered the questions we meant to ask and went about getting Jack ready to feed. It was only after he was latched on and we were sitting quietly in his room that we both looked at each other and said “what were you saying?”

The first night in the hospital I got a total of 45 minutes of sleep and that was not in a row, but 2 blocks of time. Jack was a bit fussy his first night out of the womb, and who could blame him. I was nervous only because I just didn’t have a point of reference for what to do, but not Lavi. Even after the c-section and the efforts to make breastfeeding work and the fact that she had had no sleep, she was there to just be a wonderful calming presence. She helped me understand what Jack’s little cries were for, what to do, how to relax. She was amazing. I knew she would be a great mom, an all-star even. But going out the first night like that was like watching a rookie hit 4 home runs his first time up to bat or a French cyclist actually win something.

After that Lavinia sent me home each day for a 2.5 hour nap. I was reluctant because I wanted to help out as best I could, but she insisted and God Bless her for it. It was hard to sleep in the hospital. The nurses would check on us just as we were about to drift off and Jack was testing out various schedules of when to eat so we were up most nights. I still have no idea how Lavi made it through. I think she got a total of 6 hours of sleep for 3 days.

Since we’ve been home sleep comes when it can, but we both decided we need to do better at this. At some point (10/22) I have to go back to work and I need to find a schedule that will let me not fall asleep at my desk. Since I have a standing desk that I work at falling asleep really could hurt me. At first Jack was not gaining weight and we threw ourselves into his feeding schedule. The good news was that he turned around and gained 5 ounces in 2 days, but the bad news was that we got a little less sleep because we were feeding all day. It is still hard to sleep during the day too for us, but we are adjusting.

Now, when Jack sleeps there is something cute. He has a few different stages of sleep. One is that light sleep where his own bodily sounds (okay farting) will wake him up. Other times the sound of his mother’s voice makes him stir. Then there are times of deep sleep where dropping a frying pan in his crib with an opera singer wouldn’t wake him. I especially like seeing his tiny hands moving around like a kung-fu fighter as he rests. At some point his hands will be up over his head and he’ll drift off and his arms will fall back like dead weights. I think his favorite place to sleep is laid out on his mother’s chest. We call this Kangarooing because you can zip Lavi’s nighty over him and make a pouch to hold him in. There have been a few fussy times when this came in handy. For now Jack is still nocturnal, makes sense when you think about it; during the day when Mom was moving he would sleep in the womb, but at night when Mom went to sleep he’d wake up. The first few nights he was very awake and cluster feed a lot. The last two nights have been better, long feeds with more rest between. Maybe he’s trying to help us out we’ll see.

Despite the lack of sleep, which was as expected as the sun rising so don’t think we are surprised, things are going very well for us at home. Jack continues to be a wonderful baby. Lavinia is breastfeeding and that effort is going well for us all. Of course it means that Lavinia can only sleep at best 2 hours at a time. I’m still trying to figure out how she is managing, but I suspect she has super mommy powers by this point. I can’t wait for my daddy powers to come in but I think I have to wait until he’s older. I still think I might as well start shopping for my spandex outfit now though, something in blue and red to honor Spider-man most likely, but I digress, where was I? Ah yes… sleep.

Sleep my friend you have been taken from me. I find myself longing for your return, like a lady waiting for her man to return from the enemy front, fearful that you may never return. But I must say that if Jack is the gift I have to which you have departed to make so, then I bid you farewell for I am happy and may the memory of your sweet embrace be all I need. – That was my corny way of saying that in the end sleep doesn’t matter that much because Jack is such a little gift. I would sleep less if I had to just to have him around.

Okay, long enough for now. Everyone is well and the three of us are going to get some sleep.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Very Simple

feed, change diaper, sleep, repeat.

That's all that is happening at the Jack's house right now. He's downright adorable. More later

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who's missing sleep??

Hey all,
Well with Jeff and Lavi floating in an out of consciousness as they work through the "4th Trimester." I thought I'd post up here in order to satiate our legions of fans who are going through withdrawals from Jeff blog posts. I thought I'd try to stem any internet write in movements and stave off the creation of "Blog Jeff!, Blog!" protest T-shirts.

So, I thought I'd go with something appropriate and on topic, sleep. I love sleep. I mean like Pepe le Peu loves that striped cat. I love it like Bush loves oil. I love it like Walmart loves generic drugs. I can't imagine having to go weeks with only 1-2 hours of sleep at a time. Dear lord! Being wrapped up in blankets with a nice fluffy pillow, ah heaven.

I'm fairly infamous in my circle for being a great lover of sleep. Mark-olepsy is one of my better nicknames, along with Sleepy Mark, Under Sleep 2 - Mark Territory, Ground-Mark Day and a host of others that require even more explanation. However as we got older and more responsible, the title of King Sleep was seceded to my buddy Neil. Who slept through Yellowstone National Park!! I knew I was beaten then.

One famous story is that I stumbled out of my room at 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon to tell Shawn and Deron to turn down the football game cause I was still asleep from the previous night.

Ah sleep.. its like a warm tortilla. I really, really love sleep. I remember from Psych 101 that there were certain people afflicted with a condition where they only required 15 minutes of sleep. I used to think it would be awesome to have that. I mean another 8-11 hours a day. You could do so much. At the same time though, I love sleep. That would be a tough choice to make.

So that's it for now more to come. Talked with Jeff yesterday and all is well, they're just missing sleep :)