Monday, September 3, 2007

What's going with Jeff & Lavi?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I found myself rather busy lately at work covering for 2 peer managers and my manager. It has been most fun. Lucky for me our combined teams are totally rocking so it has been going well. Still, a lot to cover. At home in the evening Lavinia has been getting more tired. So we've just been chilling out.

Chilling out for us has meant watching previous seasons of the West Wing, which we never watched when it aired. We are really enjoying it and both of us like the Sorkin writing style. It makes me miss Sports Night even more. We're up to Season 4 by now. We've also been making lists with last to-do items to accomplish before Sheppito makes his grand entrance.

I've been running around watering everything in order to keep our new grass growing and pulling weeds that have tried to make a come back. I must say it is easier to pull 3 weeds than 400. All in all things are good.
I even found a chance to relax a bit...

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