Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sheppito says...

Dear Uncle Mark
How come you don't post that much? I mean I'm not even born yet and I'm up here on the blog sharing my thoughts, by the way I'm just sleeping off breakfast. Anyway, what up with you these days? Mom & Dad are good. Getting nervous about my arrival but I can tell they are pretty excited too. Mom keeps rubbing my butt as she rubs the belly which is kinda weird, but I love her the same. Dad uses this weird voice to talk to me and he sounds like some animated cartoon, but he's funny so I guess my laughing encourages him. ....... sorry got distracted by something, turns out it was just my own toes, how cool are those! I mean all the things I can do with them! Can't wait to walk, count with them and stick them in the water in Panama (a real beach my mother tells me). Still, pretty cool that I come equiped with these toes. Where was I? Oh yea, I hear you are training to run a marathon, that sounds cool. Quick question though Uncle Mark: what is running? I have a lot to learn and I figure it is never too early to start the learning. Okay, gotta go. I'm gonna kick Mom a few times as I get comfy and take a nap. See you soon Uncle Mark.


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