Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Players we love to dislike

I was reading this ESPN list of players we love to dislike. I admit that I agreed with many of these, the fact that Rick Mirer made the list was great. However, player number 100 made this the best list ever.


Bobby Ayala is #100 and makes this list perfect.

Bonds should be on there for sure.

Bosworth I'm okay with not seeing, reason being is that you'd have to hate on Steve Etman for pulling a similar career with the Colts, and I just can't hate on the greatest defensive end the Huskies have ever had.


Rod said...

What? No mention of Brian Bosworth? Barry Bonds? Bobby Ayala, what a piece of crap.

Rod said...

That is not even a fair comparison, Emtman and Bosworth. The only common factor in their pro careers was chronic injuries. Emtman never shot off his mouth like Boz, and Emtman never tried to hype himself up like Boz. And, most important, Emtman didn't try to look like Mr. T :)

Jeff Moran said...

your Mr. T argument has merit, but the short lived careers are the same. Bosworth was that way coming in. Now I could see him on a list of hated college players, but the Sea-Turkeys knew who they were getting. Doesn't he seem tame in comparison to some today's NFL tragedies?

Rod said...

Nah. I hate the Boz. And his movies suck.