Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting ready, as we can

Getting ready for Sheppito has been a fun and exciting time. I thought that those that get married were the most heavily marketed group in America, but I was wrong. Having a baby puts you in the marketing sites of just about every product out there. In some way either through neglect, my own stupidity or just by being alive I'm destined to hurt my child according to the marketing groups I encounter. The book "Baby Bargins" has been a wonderful guide (thank you to my friend Lisa for the suggestion) on how to sift through all the hype. The book shows you how to make purchases based on the important attributes of the product group. I like to think my MBA degree would have saved me, but alas it only helped so much. Must talk to Prof. Turner about that.

Anyway, when people ask us... "are you ready?" it is an amazingly loaded question. If you are asked by someone who doesn't have kids, or isn't married, they take any answer you give them. We say "yes, we are getting ready, as ready as we think we can be." Now notice how our answer does not say that we are definitively ready and there is absolutely nothing we've left to chance. But you get asked that question by some one who has kids and your answer is useless because the response is always the same; "you are never ready, you have no idea what you are you getting into, say good-bye to sleep and free. It's the best thing I/we ever did."

The message is getting through, we'll never be ready and I trust those with experience. But I must say that I'm trying as best I can. Lavinia and I have been taking classes at Swedish Hospital. We've taken Infant CPR, Newborn Care, Childbirth, Breastfeeding (surprisingly more for Lavi than me), and we hope to get in a Coping With Confidence (pain mgmt) class too before he arrives. On top of that we've read a lot of books. We tend to like the strictly factual ones rather than what I call a fluffy feel good story that is 400 pages long with 2 take aways, one being you'll love being a parent (umm. thanks). We've talked with a lot of our friends and received some good advice.

Most importantly our support group is forming up really well. Our parents have been super supportive. My mother has already frozen several meatloafs for us to warm up later and they are signed up for a grandparenting class too (have fun dad). Lavi's mother will be arriving on 9/22 and staying through 11/10 and has been a great help already. Our friends are checking in with us and being super supportive. Over all, I think we are getting ready, as ready as we know we can be that is.
Yet, something still nags me and I feel a need to practice. Call it nesting, call it being prepared or whatever. We've purchased some neat things and I just wanted to have a dry run at it before Sheppito arrived. Below are some pictures of my efforts. I used our stuffed animal "Buddy" to help me out.

I put Buddy in the Anywhere Chair (thanks Studley's) and read him my latest Spider-man comic for practice.
Next I took him for a bounce in the bouncy chair (thanks Cooper-Pruitts)
We walked around the house together in the sling (thanks Jon)
After that a dry diaper run and the practice of how the smell may be.
After all that Buddy was tired so I put him to sleep in the swing
Then we finally got outside for a little trek together.

Yep, I'm feeling as ready I think I know how to be.


Jamie said...

Dude, too funny! The pictures totally cracked me up!

"you are never ready, you have no idea what you are you getting into, say good-bye to sleep and free."

...and blogging? I don't know how you find the time to post so much! :)

Coopie said...

Hilarious! Here's more unsolicited advice (get use to that too!)

Most important - keep that sense of humor no matter what time in the middle of the night, no matter how much or little sleep, no matter how loud he screams, no matter how gross the bodily fluids, no matter how much your wife grumbles at you (not Lavi!)...sense of humor is your best friend. Good thing you are already well ahead of the curve there.