Monday, September 3, 2007

$750 socks

Cyclist love to brag about gear that they own. "This bike cost $6k" or "That new light weight space age science fiction rear hub that only works on a tricycle is so pimpling cool I had to buy it for $1k" and so on. It gets even better if you can show some that you have a really expensive piece of machinery but got a screaming deal on it. I suspect cyclists posture a bunch because many of us will never throw our arms skyward on a road in France in celebration, so we are left with this.

Well, I can beat'em all. I paid $750 for a pair of cycling socks. That is just how cool of a cyclist I am.

Now how did this come about you ask? You should be asking that by the way. I hope I haven't trained the masses just to accept my cycling eccentricities. Anyway, I was at the Bicycle Alliance Auction one year and there is a raffle that goes around. Buy a raffle ticket and earn a chance to collect half the proceeds of the raffle, with the rest going to the Bike Alliance. I'm a board member and of course purchased my $40 worth of tickets. I ended up winning and the winning was $750. As I was called to the stage I'm thinking, "I'm a board member, I can't take the money and run. I'm suppose to set an example right?" So by the time I got to the stage I knew I was going to donate the money back to the Bike Alliance. Everyone applauded and I felt like my karma cup had runneth over from the gesture. One of the raffle volunteers came over to me afterwards and gave this pair of socks, saying "you at least deserve a pair of cool free socks."
So now I have $750 cycling socks. Beat that. (grin)
oh, and yea that's hair on my legs. Don't look at them their hideous.

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