Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jack Sheppard Moran has arrived!

Hi all!

Lavi and I are happy to announce the birth of our baby boy Jack Sheppard Moran.

He was born at Swedish Medical Center - Ballard at 11:18am on Tuesday, September 25, 2007. He weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and is 19 inches long.

Jack is doing real well – he’s just so precious and we are so lucky to have him!

As soon as we have some time, we'll update the blog with more photos and stories. These past few days have been great and we're really enjoying our time with the little guy.

Lavi, Jeff, & Jack

Here are some good photos and more are posted to my Zenfolio account.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sheppito has arrived

Sheppito arrived Tuesday September 25th at 11:18am. He weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces, was 19 inches long and his head measured 13.5 inches. Both Sheppito and his mother are doing super well. He's the best looking baby and more than Lavi or I could have hoped for.

We still have not settled on a name, so you have to wait on that. We're at Swedish Ballard Hospital until Thursday night, maybe Friday morning we'll see.

More to post later, along with pictures of course.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sheppito's coming...

Sheppito Update:

As you may know, Lavi has gestational diabetes. With this condition she is monitored closely. The last few weeks have been full of scheduled tests to track Sheppito's progress and growth. The test results have been positive, as expected, which makes his parents very proud of him. We are scheduled for a c-section (o9/25/07).

We're both really excited to finally meet our baby boy and our anticipation is driving us crazy! Mom, Dad and Sheppito are all doing fine. I'll post more soon, when I find the time.

I'm gonna be a father. Cool!

Uncle Nephew Ground Rules

Dear Sheppito,

Thank you for the note. I see that we need to establish some ground rules for how this particular uncle/nephew relationship is going to work.

1.) No calling your uncle out on the Internet!
2.) Uncles have free reign to de-mint all of your comic books by reading them with the cover bent backwards (trust me, I know, they'll never be worth anything anyway.)
3.) Do not imitate your father, only you think he is funny and it encourages him to act that way around grown ups.
4.) No pooping when I'm holding you (I can not budge on this one)
5.) Any backtalk about how Batman would beat up Spiderman gets you sent to your room.
6.) Once you're strong enough to carry 12 - 16 oz, my drink should never be empty.
7.) I will receive pictures and drawings and all manner of cutesy kiddie crap on a monthly basis (cross country postage to be paid by sender).
8.) You will save all of the truly difficult questions (where do babies come from? Why are my sheets wet? Etc.) for your parents. I will gladly help explain fractions and the nickel defense.
9.) While he's sleeping you will draw leg hair on your father at every conceivable opportunity.
10.) When we're playing GI Joe together, I get to be Snake-Eyes and drive the Aircraft Carrier!

I'm sure your Uncle Ben has his own expectations as well. I suspect that he will only allow back talk if it is in one of five languages that are not English.

For now, be good to your mom. Try to only kick in the mid afternoon and chill out in the evening. I'll see you soon.

Your uncle,

Addendum 9/24/2007 - Sheppito
Uncle Mark,
You are funny Tio. Just remember that rules go both ways and I'm working on a list for you. Most will involve you bequething your toys to me and promising to buy me presents before entering a room in which I occupy, even if you were just in said room minutes before. Looking forward to seeing you. Love, Sheppito.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sheppito says...

Dear Uncle Mark
How come you don't post that much? I mean I'm not even born yet and I'm up here on the blog sharing my thoughts, by the way I'm just sleeping off breakfast. Anyway, what up with you these days? Mom & Dad are good. Getting nervous about my arrival but I can tell they are pretty excited too. Mom keeps rubbing my butt as she rubs the belly which is kinda weird, but I love her the same. Dad uses this weird voice to talk to me and he sounds like some animated cartoon, but he's funny so I guess my laughing encourages him. ....... sorry got distracted by something, turns out it was just my own toes, how cool are those! I mean all the things I can do with them! Can't wait to walk, count with them and stick them in the water in Panama (a real beach my mother tells me). Still, pretty cool that I come equiped with these toes. Where was I? Oh yea, I hear you are training to run a marathon, that sounds cool. Quick question though Uncle Mark: what is running? I have a lot to learn and I figure it is never too early to start the learning. Okay, gotta go. I'm gonna kick Mom a few times as I get comfy and take a nap. See you soon Uncle Mark.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Players we love to dislike

I was reading this ESPN list of players we love to dislike. I admit that I agreed with many of these, the fact that Rick Mirer made the list was great. However, player number 100 made this the best list ever.

Bobby Ayala is #100 and makes this list perfect.

Bonds should be on there for sure.

Bosworth I'm okay with not seeing, reason being is that you'd have to hate on Steve Etman for pulling a similar career with the Colts, and I just can't hate on the greatest defensive end the Huskies have ever had.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sheppito Thinks

here's the latest ultrasound picture of little Sheppito. The 3d picture is pretty cool, not sure if my scan of it does it any justice. You can actually see that he has his mommy's nose. How cool. We can't wait to see the little guy.

Teaching Mark new tricks

Mark learned how to text message from his phone this weekend and we had a little exchange Sunday morning. I must admit that I’m so proud of him. I mean sure he can build the future automotive solution that will save our planet from greenhouse emissions, but the fact that he has now mastered 8 year old technology is just spiffy. I’m so proud of him.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Seahawk Blogger

In case any of your are Seahawk fans, my buddy Brian does a great blog on them. Over the years at work I've always eagerly awaited his reviews of the season and such. Now it is on the web for you to look over as well.

I admit that I don't watch the NFL at all for various reasons, but I do keep up on-line to see how they are doing. I've actually watched the last two UW Husky football games. I think that they have a shot at a good year. We'll see.
Cheers, Jeff

Sunday, September 9, 2007


This weekend Lavinia and I took a night to have a "Babymoon." A Babymoon is like a honeymoon where a couple gets away for a little private time. We checked into the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle, ordered room service and watched movies. It was a fun break from the time we've spent getting ready for Sheppito. Here's Lavinia having some breakfast.

Getting ready, as we can

Getting ready for Sheppito has been a fun and exciting time. I thought that those that get married were the most heavily marketed group in America, but I was wrong. Having a baby puts you in the marketing sites of just about every product out there. In some way either through neglect, my own stupidity or just by being alive I'm destined to hurt my child according to the marketing groups I encounter. The book "Baby Bargins" has been a wonderful guide (thank you to my friend Lisa for the suggestion) on how to sift through all the hype. The book shows you how to make purchases based on the important attributes of the product group. I like to think my MBA degree would have saved me, but alas it only helped so much. Must talk to Prof. Turner about that.

Anyway, when people ask us... "are you ready?" it is an amazingly loaded question. If you are asked by someone who doesn't have kids, or isn't married, they take any answer you give them. We say "yes, we are getting ready, as ready as we think we can be." Now notice how our answer does not say that we are definitively ready and there is absolutely nothing we've left to chance. But you get asked that question by some one who has kids and your answer is useless because the response is always the same; "you are never ready, you have no idea what you are you getting into, say good-bye to sleep and free. It's the best thing I/we ever did."

The message is getting through, we'll never be ready and I trust those with experience. But I must say that I'm trying as best I can. Lavinia and I have been taking classes at Swedish Hospital. We've taken Infant CPR, Newborn Care, Childbirth, Breastfeeding (surprisingly more for Lavi than me), and we hope to get in a Coping With Confidence (pain mgmt) class too before he arrives. On top of that we've read a lot of books. We tend to like the strictly factual ones rather than what I call a fluffy feel good story that is 400 pages long with 2 take aways, one being you'll love being a parent (umm. thanks). We've talked with a lot of our friends and received some good advice.

Most importantly our support group is forming up really well. Our parents have been super supportive. My mother has already frozen several meatloafs for us to warm up later and they are signed up for a grandparenting class too (have fun dad). Lavi's mother will be arriving on 9/22 and staying through 11/10 and has been a great help already. Our friends are checking in with us and being super supportive. Over all, I think we are getting ready, as ready as we know we can be that is.
Yet, something still nags me and I feel a need to practice. Call it nesting, call it being prepared or whatever. We've purchased some neat things and I just wanted to have a dry run at it before Sheppito arrived. Below are some pictures of my efforts. I used our stuffed animal "Buddy" to help me out.

I put Buddy in the Anywhere Chair (thanks Studley's) and read him my latest Spider-man comic for practice.
Next I took him for a bounce in the bouncy chair (thanks Cooper-Pruitts)
We walked around the house together in the sling (thanks Jon)
After that a dry diaper run and the practice of how the smell may be.
After all that Buddy was tired so I put him to sleep in the swing
Then we finally got outside for a little trek together.

Yep, I'm feeling as ready I think I know how to be.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jott Blog Post

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Monday, September 3, 2007

$750 socks

Cyclist love to brag about gear that they own. "This bike cost $6k" or "That new light weight space age science fiction rear hub that only works on a tricycle is so pimpling cool I had to buy it for $1k" and so on. It gets even better if you can show some that you have a really expensive piece of machinery but got a screaming deal on it. I suspect cyclists posture a bunch because many of us will never throw our arms skyward on a road in France in celebration, so we are left with this.

Well, I can beat'em all. I paid $750 for a pair of cycling socks. That is just how cool of a cyclist I am.

Now how did this come about you ask? You should be asking that by the way. I hope I haven't trained the masses just to accept my cycling eccentricities. Anyway, I was at the Bicycle Alliance Auction one year and there is a raffle that goes around. Buy a raffle ticket and earn a chance to collect half the proceeds of the raffle, with the rest going to the Bike Alliance. I'm a board member and of course purchased my $40 worth of tickets. I ended up winning and the winning was $750. As I was called to the stage I'm thinking, "I'm a board member, I can't take the money and run. I'm suppose to set an example right?" So by the time I got to the stage I knew I was going to donate the money back to the Bike Alliance. Everyone applauded and I felt like my karma cup had runneth over from the gesture. One of the raffle volunteers came over to me afterwards and gave this pair of socks, saying "you at least deserve a pair of cool free socks."
So now I have $750 cycling socks. Beat that. (grin)
oh, and yea that's hair on my legs. Don't look at them their hideous.

What's going with Jeff & Lavi?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I found myself rather busy lately at work covering for 2 peer managers and my manager. It has been most fun. Lucky for me our combined teams are totally rocking so it has been going well. Still, a lot to cover. At home in the evening Lavinia has been getting more tired. So we've just been chilling out.

Chilling out for us has meant watching previous seasons of the West Wing, which we never watched when it aired. We are really enjoying it and both of us like the Sorkin writing style. It makes me miss Sports Night even more. We're up to Season 4 by now. We've also been making lists with last to-do items to accomplish before Sheppito makes his grand entrance.

I've been running around watering everything in order to keep our new grass growing and pulling weeds that have tried to make a come back. I must say it is easier to pull 3 weeds than 400. All in all things are good.
I even found a chance to relax a bit...