Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things to do before VH arrives in Seattle

Van Halen with David Lee Roth will be in Seattle on 12/03. There is just so much to do before the concert.

  1. Get out the aquanet and get my hair feathered
  2. Bust out the jeans that are two sizes too small
  3. Get skin graft to remove “Van Hagar” tattoo from butt
  4. Pray that Vince Neil is not opening again
  5. Finally get that "Best of VH" and the "Scirocco VH Tunes" to Deron and Neil
  6. Get ready to stand in line over night with hundreds of old people waiting to buy tickets
  7. Sell shares of Cabo Wabo
  8. Wonder how 16 year-old Wolfgang can legally drink Jack Daniels on stage like Michael Anthony
  9. Hunt down and maim Gary Cherone
  10. Buy shares in, Tiger Balm, Viagra and Back/Hip Pain medicine as Eddie, David and Alex binge on them all summer.
  11. Call Bob

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