Monday, August 27, 2007

Sheppito Update

Lavinia had a Dr. visit today, so we have an update for you all. This appointment follows our 1-day 8 hour Childbirth class that we took on Sunday. It was a good class and we are glad we attended. We're feeling as ready as we can be from our perspective.

Lavi wrote up a great report about the Dr. visit so I'll let her words tell it all....

"I had a growth ultrasound this morning followed by a pre-natal appointment. The ultrasound went very well. Sheppito cooperated and the technician was able to get all the head, belly, and bone measurements he needed.

After the ultrasound, I had my prenatal appt and the OB said that Sheppito is in the 90th percentile for growth. Although my pregnancy is at 34 weeks, Sheppito and his measurements put him at 36-37 weeks along. When she told me this, I must have had one worried look on my face and she reassured me that it’s not my doing. With gestational diabetes, there’s only so much that can be controlled by diet and insulin and I’ve been doing so well in that area. There are other factors out of my control, like Sheppito’s bone measurements being “ahead” of schedule and other stuff – at this point, I had kinda stopped listening and was still trying to take in the 36-37 weeks along statement.

Oh boy!

I told my OB that I was planning on starting my leave from work on October 1st and she said that I should change that to September 24th instead. She said that he’s already in the head down position and that one of three things will happen: Sheppito will come early on his own, I’ll have to get induced because he’s getting too big (in the shoulders), or she will schedule a C-section. She’s not worried about a big head or body – she’s more concerned about his shoulders being too wide, which can get stuck. Ouch!

So, for now, we’ll continue to monitor the gestational diabetes, start the internal exams (not fun), do more non-stress tests, and have one more growth ultrasound and wait.


It was nice to have the reassurance from the Dr. that things are going well. She said the reason we have these instruments to measure and get status is so we can be more prepared so this is all a good thing. She has such a great way of putting things in perspective. Makes me think she's done this before.

Aunt Char said "Wow! Well it sounds like this kid is NOT on Panama time, huh? "

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