Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Post Cali, Beam Connecticut

Yo ya'all (sounds like a Laotian harpist or something huh, I'll bet he/she rocks!)

Greetings from the East. Sorry for being lapse in posting (do I need to apologize, is anyone really upset?) Life's been fairly busy during and since the Cali trip. Gotta say that driving the F150 was a lot of fun. My inner environmentalist was screaming bloody murder, but my inner child, the one that played with Tonka trucks and Fisher Price bulldozers, was squealing with glee. I think I was able to go as fast as 20 mph in the Bay Area traffic too. Plus it was huge and a rental so the philosophy of "you're just going to have to look out for me" was in full effect.

The trip was exhausting after that. Long days followed by long evenings. The thing that is stinky about road work, at least for me, is that the folks you're visiting are really accommodating and will encourage and stay with you for 12 hour days because they really need the help. The problem is that once the work is done you have to go back and spend two hours reducing the days data and reporting to the folks at home base. The trip home my head hit the side of the plane when I sat down and I didn't wake up until we landed. That NEVER happens!

Marathon training is still going well. We did ~15+ miles this past Sunday. We were supposed to do 18, but due to my poor map reading skills, I caused us to pull up short. I knew I was feeling too good for it to be true. Major drawback to having 18 miles as your goal is that somewhere around mile 12 Skid Rows "18 and life" gets stuck in your head and is harder to dislodge than a Republican senator from Alaska. (Honestly, does that song have any parts other than the chorus?)

Also been house hunting. It's a daunting process. Especially since I'm such a clencher :) My dream of my own workshop is still the motivator, along with equity and being able to place a nail anywhere I want. We met the devil's salesman this weekend and my hand is still oily from the shake. It's such an interesting time financially to be thinking about this. I know that the *(#@ won't hit the fan until after I've signed my life away too.

That's the update from here. Hope all of you are doing well. I got my tix for Labor day weekend so I'll be seeing you soon.


-Mark "map confuser" Moran

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Jason said...

Nice job on the marathon training! I hope the effort continues to go well for you.

Now we just need to get your brother to embrace his inner duathlete and add more running to his repetoire. :) Soon after I'll push him into Lk Washington and a new triathlete will be born!