Friday, August 3, 2007

New Lawn

For those that know me you know that I detest in most forms the villanous weeds in my lawn. Try as I best I can over the past 7 years I have been utterly defeated by these villans. I think at one time I counted no less than 6 distinct different kinds of weed.

Here are some pics of what my lawn looked like in their control.

No more I say. I am tired of the weeds. Lavinia and I also decided that we should be good parents and not let weeds be the first thing our child crawls on outside in the lawn. So we found someone who do the work, and may I say very well and very quickly. In two days Mr. Tran had ripped out the old lawn (front, back and side), re-soiled, sodded, created 3 raised beds for gardening, barked and laid down gravel in some areas. An amazing amount of work and we are quite happy with the new lawn.

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