Monday, July 23, 2007

Still addicted to the Tour

I'm still watching the Tour every day. It has been very entertaining, with lots of drama on and off the road. Off the Road the yellow jersey holder Rassmussen is surround by allegations of doping and poor professionalism dealing with the anti-doping controls:

I've decided that I have to believe in the doping controls that the Tour de France uses. I have to believe that they can catch the cheaters. If not, then I'm just fooling myself. I can't blame a rider(s) of cheating just because I question their results. The controls have to work. I do question some still, but for the sport I have to have a little faith.

That said, the drama on the road is great. Vino won the time trial and finally gained some time back on this rivals only to suffer the next day uphill and lose 28 minutes. His tour is over, but hats off to him for winning today's stage and giving us all something to cheer about. Alberto Contador is the new darling of the race and if he won it would be good for the Tour.

I can't wait for the outcome of this race!

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