Saturday, July 7, 2007

Post 4th of July post

The family gathered at Larry & Cathy's house for the 4th of July. Seattle gave us oddly wonderful weather this year. I usually say that summer in Seattle starts on July 5th because up to the 4th it is gray and cloudy, but this year was the best weather I can recall in many years. (side note: Seattlites get very excited about good weather when it hits so please try to understand what a big deal this is. We've all had too many birthdays, holidays, recess breaks and such ruined by bad weather).

Sr. Ann and Uncle Tom were still in town, along with some time guest blogger Mark Moran. Cathy & Larry invited some close friends and we all enjoyed a great BBQ (Dolan has mad skills with the grill) and some wicked croquet games.

Mark said he misses the family gatherings a lot. I understand what he means. Even though I'm here in Seattle I do not take it for granted. I value the time with family. Being with Lavinia and seeing the highs and lows of livng so far from your Mom & Dad and home country I know that I'm a lucky individual indeed. It is something I hope that Sheppito will pick up on. With a Mommy like Lavinia I'm sure he will.

Family & Friends enrich our lives. On the 4th of July I'm happy to live in a country that allows me the freedom to be with them both in health and harmony.

Happy (belated) Holiday,

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