Tuesday, July 31, 2007

La Push weekend

After RAMROD Lavinia and I took a 3 day weekend and headed to La Push, WA. La Push is located on Northern coast of Washington, east of Forks (which is on 101). I had been there as a boy and loved the beaches. My Panamanian wife had not met a WA Beach that she would even call a beach but she really like La Push. We had a cabin right on the beach and had a great weekend.

I posted some pictures in our Zenfolio account.
You can see the view from our cabin and some pictures along the beach.

My Mom & Dad were there along with my Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Palmer from Salt Lake City. It was great seeing them and just having a chance to relax. I recommend La Push to anyone looking for a fun weekend get away. I can't wait to take Sheppito there.

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