Monday, July 9, 2007

Thoughts While in Seattle

Hey all,

Thought I'd post a quick little something. As Jeff mentioned (if you were able to stay awake through any of the cycle ranting) I was home last week for a very nice visit. Ah a week of bliss. The weather was phenomenal. It was great to see Ann and Tom. I had a very good time. I had a few thoughts on my trip. Some more simple ("I have to use the restroom") to the more complex ("should I use an Arrhenius fit for the reaction mechanism of methane?") A few more examples :

-Staying at Jeff and Lavi's is great. There's complimentary Spidey comics!
-Mmmmmmmmmm Mom's homemade chocolate cake
-This town is missing something… a certain Siobhan-like quality
-Hey, Midwesteners also laugh when Seattleites complain about 78 degree weather.
-Larry makes a mean soy-dog. Whoa that's spicy mustard!
-Dear Lord this seminar paper is boring! (yes, I did work on it a little while there, what?!?!)
-Ann sure is hitting me a lot less…. time for another short joke.
-Optimus on the big screen. I'm so excited!
-Neil does have light furniture.
-Alaskan Amber, it truly is ambrosia
-At least Cathy will come East to visit, what's the problem with the rest of 'em?
-Busting up sod is tough. I'm glad I stayed in school.
-Huh, Mom doesn't look that old
-Deron's married, wow, he's like a grown up now.
-I miss my family and friends a lot.

Thanks to everyone for everything through out my visit. I hope to see you all again in September.

Back to work. Gotta go reestablish that I'm actually necessary after being gone for a week :)


Mark "body in the East, heart in the West" Moran

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