Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

This past Saturday was Mom's birthday. Lavinia and I had the family over to the house to celebrate. In her usual ways Lavinia whipped up a great meal for everyone cooking up steak, chicken and stuffed portabella mushroom for Mark.

Mom received some wonderful gifts, but the best I like to think was having the whole family in town to celebrate. With Mark living away we don't get that opportunity on birthday's too often.

I'll post some pictures later for everyone to see. Mark's visit was great and I was glad he stayed at our house while Ann & Tom were at Mom & Dad's. We had some good time together. I sure do miss my brother and I really appreciate the effort he makes to come and visit all the time. I think being away he now understands Lavinia's home sickness and need to be home.

Lavinia and I have enjoyed all the family in town, but we are looking forward to a little break now before her mother arrives. We have 2 weeks and we plan to keep them to ourselves.


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