Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Et Tu Vino? Say it isn't so

I feel like my high school girlfriend just dumped me all over again


Vinokourov tests positive and his entire team has withdrawn from the Tour. I’ve been rooting for this guy day in and day out. Damn it Vino! I can say this though, I put my faith in the Tour de France doping controls and told myself I would believe innocent until proven guilty. Although I’m let down my faith remains the same and the controls found some one cheating. I can move on. Damn it Vino, this just sucks. It’s like finding out that during Rudy’s tenure with Notre Dame he abused puppies.

I quote my good friend Lisa who said “sounds like someone needs to appoint Jack Bauer as the new Drug Czar of cycling.” If this were to happen there would definitely be some changes because Jack is the man. Jack would also race the each ride and probably win by sheer intimidation.

Addendum: This post is from Christian VandeVeld of the CSC team responding to Vino's doping charge. His read on the situation was soothing. I hope it helps.



Bill said...

I had to surf over to your blog after opening VeloNews this morning, knowing that I'd find someone to be depressed with. I will cry a homologous-blood-free tear in my Bridgeport IPA tonight as Astana packs their bags for home. Damn.

Jeff Moran said...

Thanks Bill. I'm going to try and pee cleear all day in support of all the clean riders out there.

Rod E said...

Clean riders? Unfortunately for those who are competitive at the world class level, that's a dying breed. And unfortunate for the fans. If this keeps up, le maillot jaune will be a joke, and cycling will once again be relegated to obscurity worse than track & field.