Monday, July 23, 2007

Called Out

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown hasn't it and I'll respond! Knowing Jeff it's a fingerless, palm padded, Pearl Izumi gauntlet, but a gauntlet nonetheless (that's a fun word, just say it over and over again, …. gauntlet, gauntlet … gauntlet!)

So to fill in for Jeff hmmmmm… Okay here goes…

Over in Europe guys in tight shorts fell down…. No that's not right. :) Let's try something different. (honestly, is there anything more fun (and easy) then making fun of Jeff?) :)

Well, I guess I should elude on what's happening over here. Things are pretty crazy. I'm prepping for a trip to Cali next week. At one point I'm going to be driving a pickup truck on this trip (no, not fuel cell powered). Never been a truck guy, so if you're going to be on I-5 between Oakland and Sacramento next week WATCH OUT!!!!!! I have to pick up a large piece of test equipment and move it over to where we can run some tests with it. Reminds me of the time I had to drive a Uhaul truck with a $60,000 dollar Porosimeter (device used to figure out porosity, go figure) from MT. View to Berkeley, CA. That was a hair raiser. Seriously, it was "one up, all up." When you hear 60K boucing up and down in the back of a POS Uhaul, that'll make ya sweat. Driving that Uhaul was the first time I put forth the philosophy of "nuts to it, everyone else on the road is just going to have to watch out for ME!."

Additionally, as Jeff mention we've been training for a marathon. There have been no official sign ups yet, but we did 12 miles this past Sunday in just shy of two hours. Not bad for asthma boy. I've actually been getting up at ungodly hours of the morning in order to run since it is so hot here in the afternoon/evening. We were forced to run at 7PM once last week and at the end of 3 miles I would have been drier if I had been swimming. It was so disgusting. I'm enjoying the training so far. I have rare instances where I can see myself actually doing the whole race. We'll see though. My hesitancy helps with my training.

So, in an effort to get a little more response on this blog, (and since I'll be running on my own next week with just my iPod like device and not my awesome and encouraging girlfriend who slows down for me) I pose the following question, what music do you have when you run/bike/yoga whatever? Responses are relegated to one song from Van Halen per singer.

Mark "picking up that gauntlet!" Moran


Jeff Moran said...

Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream"
AC/DC's "Heatseeker"
Chris Cornell's "You know my name"
Nerf Herders "Buffy theme song"
Vast's "Touched"
Door's "Break on through"
and limiting to one VH song, well that would have to be 5150.
On your left,

Jeff Moran said...

Ah, Excellent choices. They're no Eye of the Tiger either. Good for you. What's Vast? Remember that I'm not too familiar with music made afer 1998. Even less familiar with music that does not feature Ms. Akre.