Monday, June 25, 2007

The revolving door on family guests

This weekend Lavinia's Father left for Panama after visiting for 2 weeks. The poor guy had a cold the entire time he was here, but Lavinia and he managed to spend some good time together. It was a week of salmon eating, which is one fish he doesn't get too often in Panama. We had dinner out with his brother and sister and mother for Grandma's birthday while he was here.

As Skip leaves this week we replace him with more family. My Dad's sister and brother, Aunt Ann and my Uncle Tom, are visiting and staying with my parents. On their heels comes my brother, you know that dude who like sometimes posts here, and he'll be staying with Lavinia and me. I've got big plans for all the height that he has when we tape and paint Sheppito's room.

Later in July my Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Palmer from Salt Lake City will be visiting. It's going to be a fun and full summer here in Seattle.

Lavinia is doing super, although she did manage to catch a cold from her Dad while he was here. Bad luck on that, but nothing serious. She's not sleeping very well because, and yes we know that is just a taste of what is to come, but still it's annoying to her.

Can't wait to see Mark again!

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