Sunday, June 24, 2007

Popp = Ironman

Today I'm working in the house, doing chores I've put off much too long. I'm using Coffee as my "recovery" drink from yesterday's 100 mile ride with my buddy Joan. Before you think that 100 miles on a bike is something special let me tell you that I'll also be tracking my two friends progress at the Ironman race in Cour d'Alene today.

Jason Popp
Charlene Popp

I've done some cool things in my time but an Ironman is beyond impressive. I'm so excited for these two I can hardly sit still today.

You Can Do It Duffy Moon!

Lavinia and I just watched Jason come over the finish line (butt first) at 12:19 and change. We were sitting here shouting at the computer as if Jason would actually hear us. We like to think he did. We are so happy. Can't wait to see Charlene cross the finish line!

And now she has crossed the line at 13:52. What an amazing display of personal motivation and fitness.

I'm now renaming them both to Mr. & Mrs. Duffy Moon.

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