Friday, June 8, 2007

Do you cheat?

Answer a question. If you could win any sporting event in the world and reap the rewards of winning, but you had to cheat to do it would you?


If you answered yes, please stop reading forget about ever being my friend. If you answered no, then my thanks. To me this is the fundamental question about doping in bicycling right now. Take away the science, take away the pressure to perform and boil it down to the simplest element. Would you cheat? I can think of no other way of taking drugs to boost performance that would not involve the word cheat.


If a sporting participant at the 800 in track n’ field started ahead of the group and only ran 600, participants would scream “cheater!” The idea of doing this is laughable. Yet, anyone who is using performance enhancing drugs is essentially doing the same thing and justifying it to themselves.


Cycling is being rocked this year. It’s hard to follow the sport and not wonder who’s doped up. At what point did it ever become okay to do this? Did Eddy Merckx just beat everyone up so bad in the 70’s that this was how people got around it?


If you are going to use science, use the science of training smart to achieve your goals. If you dope I hope you never win a race again. If you don’t I hope you win them all. Long live the clean.


On your left…cleanly,




joey jo jo said...

The question that comes to mind for me is 'how do we define cheatıng?' İs cheating anything that is done off the bike, like lıfting weights or sleeping in an O2 tent? İs cheating elbowing or pushing the guy next to you while sprinting to the finish?

İ agree with you whole heartedly and İ wish that everyone was on the same playing field. However, İ think it is important for everyone to agree on what the field should look like.

Jeff Moran said...

The field should probably just look like me (grin)