Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cycling Update - Jeff, not racing

Well, you've read my post (or at least skimmed it) about my ride up Stevens Pass and what a challenge it was. I thought I'd do a little follow up post about how riding has been treating me. Since that weekend I've completed an 85 and 102 mile ride and on both of them I've felt a lot better than that day. I've now concluded that it was indeed the heat, and what that exhaustion leads to, that messed me up at the end of the ride that day up the mountain.

The 85 mile ride was on a day that was really windy here in Seattle. I like to call those type of days my "Dutch Hill Days" in reference to the Pro riders out of Holland where there are no hills and the head winds serve as resistance training to a degree. Granted most of them fly south to train, but I can't be so lucky.

The 102 mile ride was last weekend and it was a cooler day, with sun breaks and some head winds but not as bad as the weekend before. Joan and I rode from our house out to Marymoore Park (30 miles) and did the 50 mile loop (advertised) in the Cascade Flying Wheels ride, which turned out to be 42 miles. Then the 30 miles back home. The 43 miles was very hilly, but a good ride. Previous Cascade rides always had some rowdy rude riders and this year things were so much better. Hats off to Chuck and all the great volunteers and staff at Cascade Bicycle Club for hosting a great ride.

RAMROD is July 26, only 5 weeks away. So we need to get a ride in that is closer to 130 to be ready and a few more hills for training. I'm hoping I'm more ready for the heat this time. We've talked about the ride with Joan and we decided an early depature that day will be best for both of us.

In the end I feel better than a Pro Rider because I didn't turn to doping to boost my performance, meet expectations or appease sponsors for good results. That is unless they are testing for Tequila these days in which case I'm as guilty as Verinque.

On your left,


Anonymous said...

Sponsors? Did you finally land that Cabo Wabo or Don Julio sponsorship? -Lisa

Jeff Moran said...

A Cabo Wabo sponsorship would be the pinnacle of my cycling career.