Thursday, June 7, 2007

Celebrating 20 Years of Safe Bicycling in Washington State

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington turns 20 years. Founded I believe in Jerry Baker's living room to tackle state wide cycling issues and affect change in the Legislature the Northwest Bicycling Federation was formed. In 20 years the name has changed (props if you still call us NowBike) and we've had 3 Executive Directors.

Over 20 years we've accomplished a lot, more than I could possibly list. As a recreational cyclist, then a full-time commuter I wanted to find a group that shared my interests, that I could help affect change with. I've been a Board Member for 12 years now and I'm very proud of our track record.

If you are cyclist in Washington State you should be a member. If you don't cycle, but support me in my efforts you should be a member. If you care to see alternative transportation options succeed in Washington State then you should be a member. Join the Bicycle Alliance at

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