Friday, May 25, 2007

Watch out! Another cycling hero just fell

My Gawd it's raining cycling hero's this week. Bjarne Riis just admitted to doping in 1996 when he won the Tour.

I wonder what the statute of limitations is for the French on people who cheat. Probably for Bjarne it expired. Richard Virenque (who never admitted to doping when his team was caught with a enough contra-band to dope every spectator too) came back very quickly and is still a darling in many of their eyes.

A Velonews editorial has a unique spin on what should be done to save cycling and stop the bleeding from the Puerto Case.

Let me set those of you who worry to rest; here in Seattle a sexy spandex clad Irish guy that rides a really cool Ti Davidson bike and dreams of not popping a lung while climbing Stevens Pass and eventually equally his Big Ride shape, has not been taking any performance enhancing drugs. At least unless you consider tequila to be a performance enhancer. Jeff was quoted as saying "I've always ridden clean and have not taken any drugs to enhance my riding abilities. Jason at one time tried to pay me to take some to lower my ability but that is a story for my auto-biography "Jeff Moran: Riding into the wind, not breaking wind" and is also recounted in Jason's biography "Jason Popp:A day after cheese"

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