Monday, May 14, 2007


Hey Everyone,

Lavinia and I found out today that we are having a baby boy! Here's a small picture of the Ultrasound. Grandma-to-be Moran joined us for the appointment. It was a lot of fun.

Lavinia and I just thrilled to hear from the Dr. that things are looking good. Lavi is doing super, as I knew she would be. You all think it is impressive when I ride my bike up a mountain pass, but this lady is my new hero I tell ya.

What awaits now is coming up with names. We've got a few that we are not revealing yet, but do you have any you want to throw out? If so just add a comment to the post.

I'll go ahead and take care of the few I'm sure you'll all suggest on my behalf.

Top Names that will be considered, but have zero chance of sticking

  1. Peter Parker Moran
  2. Lance Sheppard Moran
  3. Jeffrito Sheppard Moran
  4. Flyod Armstrong Moran
  5. Ka-el Moran
  6. and finally, Lance Armstrong Flyod Cippolini Petachi McEwen Boonen Knapp George Levi Moran!




Jason said...

I'm absolutely shocked that I don't see a few others.. You must be holding out on the finalists and just teasing us with the others.
Jalopy Moran
'Jason's My Hero' Moran
SharkMan Moran
'I wish I could dunk like Jordan' Moran
Nova Moran
Celica Moran

Joey&Erin said...

Where's Franco?? I thought you cared...

Jeff Moran said...

Of course there others:

Kent Clark Moran (just to fool Lavi)
Ben Riley Moran (only Jeff will get this one)
Arnie Lister Moran
Bicicleta Moran
Galacticus Moran
Frodo Moran (Jeff's his dad after all)

and of course the number one

Mark Moran (no better name)


Jeff Moran said...

I think there are some I left off you are right.

Optimus Moran
YoJoe Moran
Okie-Doke-Man Moran
Rodimus Moran
SnakeEyes Moran
Ralph Hinkley Moran (dare you to figure that one out)
Teal'c Moran
Jack Bauer Moran

Jason said...

Just a few more suggestions:
Allesandro Moran
Eddie Moran (this covers three greats)
Marco Moran
Johan Moran
Mario Moran

Joey said...

Again, the lack of Franco has me concerned. More:
Maximum Overdrive Moran
Cybertron Skynet Moran
Steve Rogers Moran
Billy Batson "Shazam" Moran

PS - I had to look up Ralph Hinkley. I should have known!

Kim said...

What about Jeff-inia or Shep-frey?