Monday, May 21, 2007

Racing in the right language

You ever have a conversation like this?
You: "I saw one of the latest Tom Clancy films"
Friend (in snooty tone): "I read the book. It was much better"

Has that happened to you? You've been judged because you chose a media outlet other than printed paper? I mean is it my fault I have Adult-on-set HD-ADD? I've done 4 other things while writing this post, I know I have a problem, but please don't judge. I mean, where would it stop? I have this image of that same conversation but with a second grader.

You: "I just saw the new Harry Potter movie. Have you seen it?"
Second-Grader (in snooty tone): "Actually, I read the book in the original Hogwarts English Vernacular and it was much better."

I guess in the end everyone is allowed to geek out. On top of that our American culture leans more toward one-upmanship every day. So in that way I can now have my moment snootiness.

Random person: "Dude, I just read on-line that Pettachi just won a stage of the Giro. How cool!"
Me (in snooty tone): "Yes, I was streaming the live broadcast in Italian. It was much better."

Enjoy some Giro d'Italia in the language it was meant to be broadcast in. I've been watching it live the last few days. The broadcast in Italian is great. You can actually clearly pick out the names. It reminds me of being in Rome last year and watching World Cup Football.

Of course, I love Phil & Paul & Bob from Vs., but since I have not found (free) streaming video of the race this works for me.



Anonymous said...

Random person: I just read Jeff's blog. He seems really cool.

Cousin Bobbie: Yes, I know. I met him in person.

Joey Jo Jo said...

You: I watched the Giro from my office over the internet.
Me (in a snooty tone): The guesthouse where we were staying in Cambodia had RAI on cable. I stayed up late every night watching after spending the day at Angkor Wat.

Miss you Bro.

Jeff Moran said...

Dude, that is so cool. The Giro has been a good one so far. I'm not much of a Di Luca fan (performance is too up and down to be consistent, and it points to "help" but that's just me). Still, the re-emergence of Pettachi is awesome. Don't get me wrong, I'm a McEwen fan for sure, but even Robbie Rocket likes good competition.